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Administrator / Moderator Eyes Only Posts

I'm using Vanilla Forums for a Play By Post gaming system and I would really like to have "Notes" inside the same thread which only I (a moderator/administrator) can see.

So far the only way I know to accomplish this is to make an entire category which has restricted access, but that's far less convenient than putting the information I want inside the same "thread" / discussion and simply making it visible to me only.

So what I would really like to have is:

  1. Opening Post of Discussion
  2. Response / Post by a User
  3. Post by Me, Administrator, visible to everyone
  4. Response / Post by a User
  5. Post by Me, Administrator, of notes visible to ONLY ME
  6. Post by Me, Administrator, visible to everyone

Something along those lines so I could keep my "game notes" right in line with the conversation, but NOT make it where every player can see my notes.

Any way to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance! :D


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