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websites using Vanilla?



  • K17K17 Unkorneglosk - Français / French Paris, France ✭✭✭

    Oh @jamesbro yours have a lot of ads xD


    This is our companies latest vanilla install.. (v2.3.1).. funding supported by ad placement as well as well as paid subscribers. It involved porting 5K+ users and 10's of thousands of posts from a really old forum in joomla, which turned out to be a multi-step solution to get the porter to work.

    It is SSO enabled and uses the old bootstrap theme.

    Since it uses the wordpress plug-in, some of the fun profile stuff is disabled. I still have to get my head around how to allow signatures, etc. in this environment. The design, though functional and responsive, is a bit bland at this point. I'll be refining the design as well as adding elements such as stats and social media in the future.


  • I make my living thanks to Vanilla at
    I pay for the pro version.

  • K17K17 Unkorneglosk - Français / French Paris, France ✭✭✭
    edited December 2017

    Just launched a new (French) website with a forum called here:
    This website is an Habbo Hotel fansite.
    The main website is powered by a french content managment system: PluXml ^^
    I'm using Blog Comments with ^^ A powerful Vanilla's feature :D

  • nutjobnutjob New
    edited December 2017

    just launched new website
    have a take a look.

  • I've taken a whack at making my own theme for my personal site. Originally for 2.2 but works like a charm under 2.3 now without any modifications. Quite happy with Vanilla as far as setting up and personalizing it goes. Lots of plugins!

  • kopnakopna Coimbra Portugal ☯
  • haryonoharyono Siak Sri Indrapura New

    My site forum using Vanilla Forums software :)

    Go to: Bertravel Forum

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