Vanilla 1 is no longer supported or maintained. If you need a copy, you can get it here.

Private Messages 1.1



  • the css issue is the same as the one in the audioscrobbler extension. so a fix for one would probably fix both.
  • okay i haven't read the whole thread by now, but i'm using this extension now for a few weeks.

    some of the main problems i recognized are:
    - cannot delete or edit private messages
    - no compatibility with BBInsertBar, EditInPlace, BetterBBCode, Htmlformatter & PreviewPost

    features i would like to have:
    - new message notification on the discussion/categories page

    thanks for this great extension although.
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    See my above posts for items 2 &3.
  • Hello bshultz!!

    Thanks for your work on Private Messages!! I've been away from the community for a while because of other work things. I'm glad you have resolved a few issues and I'd like to update the extension in the add-ons repository with your version if permitted. Can you send me the latest version you're using? My email address is: [email protected]

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    hey bshultz and jazzman,

    thank you for your great work by now, but there are few problems i still have.
    i don't like that the private message menu always shows up on the mainpage
    when the new version is installed. it looks a bit, hmm disturbing.
    editing and deleting messages still won't work.
    perhaps you're able to fix this or tell me how i can do this, cause i'm a noob! ;)

    thank you for hard working on this extension i think this will be one of the
    best vanilla-extensions ever soon!
  • Still a lot of work to do, but nice job.

    My #1 request is that the tab at the top change if you have new messages - like Inbox -> Inbox (1).
  • I can't remember if this is the right place i wanted to post this, but.. oh well..

    I'm not sure what values you need since you weren't very clear. But if you need to extract information for the url. you can do this...

    <?php $remote_uri = '/extension/?DiscussionID=123&PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=Message'; //$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $remote_uri = str_replace('/','',$remote_uri); $remote_uri_split = array('?','&'); $remote_uri = str_replace($remote_uri_split,',',$remote_uri); $remote_uri = explode(',',$remote_uri); echo '<pre>'; print_r($remote_uri); echo ''; ?>

    will output:
    Array ( [0] => extension [1] => DiscussionID=123 [2] => PostBackAction=PrivateMessages [3] => View=Message )

    and you can ofcourse continue the manipulation to go even further.


    $url = ''.str_replace('.php','',$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/?DiscussionID'.$Discussion->DiscussionID.'/PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=Message';

    based on what little information you provided those are two, kinda sorta ways to do it.

    just let me know exactly what information you need, from what, and where your trying to send it, and i can code you something up pretty quick
  • one comment:

    the username field is not long enough for some of my users' login names. (i use wordpress integration; wordpress does not limit your login name length). i think the length restriction could be removed safely on this field.

    one question:

    if you send a message, it appears as unread in your sent mail. if you then read this message in your sent mail, does the other recipient see it as read? or is it still an unread message for them? i just wanted to check.
  • Is it possible to add quick pm functionality (like quick whisper plugin) ?
  • I'm getting ready to install this extension but I'm not quite sure which is the most recent/stable version?
  • Get the most recent version and change to BSchultz's code.
  • Or wait until Jazzman releases the next official version with the updates in it :)
  • that's what i will do....waiting for jazz, man. ;)
  • i got the working version from the link above.
  • I'll wait for Jazzman to repackage it... maybe we'll have a few easter eggs
  • hi!

    i just added the delete message feature to bschultz's
    (actually it just hides the discussion for this user)

    if someone want to test it i will upload the new files.
  • Hi jehul

    Delete message sounds like a nice feature and I'd like to test it.
  • Ideally, it would delete messages... but beggars can't be choosers.
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    i uploaded it here:
    the translations in the top of default.php are in german, just copy them from bschultz if you wish it in english...

    my changelog:
    - Delete Message added (it hides them)
    - All Users are shown with realnames, no usernames should be visible (needed for my forum)
    - on new message to a user the input field "to user" gets disabled and shows the realname instead

    maybe if both user delete (hide) the discussion it could be deleted instead.

    regards, Jehul

    edit: i forgot to post the mysql statement for the hide-table:

    CREATE TABLE `LUM_UserDiscussionHide` (
    `UserID` int(10) NOT NULL default '0',
    `DiscussionID` int(8) NOT NULL default '0',
    PRIMARY KEY (`UserID`,`DiscussionID`)
  • Interesting, thanks.
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