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I've made the switch...



  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    edited October 2007
    In some ways I'd like to have a Mac, there's a lot of neat software that's Mac only that'd be perfect for any design and development work, but since a Mac won't run a lot of the software I want, plus will cost around 3x what I paid for my PC with the same specs, I think I'll pass :/ If by some weird occurance I ever needed a laptop other than the one I get with work (some Toshiba thing) I'd probably get a MacBook though to be fair.
  • Macs will (probably) run all the software you want. Welcome to virtualisation. Initially I thought 'installing windows is giving in, I should do it all the mac way' then i thought to myself 'there are a lot of apps i like on windows, and some which i havent yet found a replacement for, or havent yet fully transitioned myself for, I have the power to have the best of both (or 3 or 4) worlds, so why ignore that? if i wasnt going to run windows at all I may aswell have got a PPC mac' - ofcourse if some software you run is hardware specific, that wont work. Though I guess it probably isnt.

    I'll agree completely that they are expensive though. This cost me £630 in the end (down from £830, though then i added the applecover (£60 down from £200)) and I ordered a PC laptop for a guy at work last night which rolled in at about £420 for what is actually slightly better spec (2gig ram over 1gig here, though it's an amd 2.0 x2 vs 2.16 c2d) and included a battery and screen upgrade (I assume with the battery upgrade it'll be about equal to this - the battery is incredible) so there's still a £200 difference even with the £200 reduction on the mac. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have paid full price (i.e. double) if that discount wasnt available - though I'm hoping to be convinced it was well worth the money.
  • Mini mate, you are transition-ing well it seems!
    Give yourself a few more weeks and you'll find you were not ripped off paying that little (or lot) extra.
    There is a priceless and hard-to-define something extra you get with a Mac (and OS X) that you should discover quite soon.

    I am forced to use XP all day at work now and I surely took my Mac and OS X for granted. Every, and I mean every PC app they throw at me is inferior in oh so many ways to my Mac alternative. I'm in tears most days by 11:00.
  • Quick question - whenever I start a terminal, it automatically ssh's to one of my shell servers. Why?
  • Also, using quicksilver (or anything else, for that matter) is it possible to set something up where i use a keyboard shortcut of some kind, it brings up a box and I can type something in, then it searches google for it? I used to have this feature on my pc and it became massively convenient. Basically I just want the standard box like i get with quicksilver anyway but specific for searching google.
  • google: beside the search field in Safari's toolbar, you have a google widget in the standard install doing just this.

    Terminal: you must have saved a terminal configuration file as default running this ssh. Or it is in the shell startup script.
  • By Widget do you mean on the dashboard? Is there a way I can get to that without going to the dashboard first? Or is there a key combo to get to the dashboard?
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2007
    Mini, nice one dude! What colour?

    I'm a bit late but thankfully this means I can ignore everyone above and just plough straight in with some suggestions if I'm not too late... :)

    - Quicksilver, already mentioned for good reason, it's a fucking time-saver and a half...
    - Growl ( for handy notification of events, works with Adium, Azureus, Gmail ( Transmit, Yummy FTP....
    - Chicken of the VNC - nice wee VNC client - maybe you have your old PC in a cupboard somewhere now and want remote control of it...
    - Xscope ( for checking positions, colours, measuring sizes etc if designing.
    - Smultron - lightweight text editor
    - Yummy FTP - if Transmit doesn't float your boat for FTP
    - svnX - a Subversion GUI
    - Virus protection - errr, wait a minute..... you ain't running Winblows no more...

    - If you are inside an 'Open File' dialogue box, you can drag any open folder or file from a finder window, and your "Open File" view will jump straight to its location. I only learnt that this month after 6 years on a Mac. D'oh.
    - Press Apple+Control+Shift+4 and then select an area on the screen to paste it to clipboard.
    - Choose 'Get Info' on anything in the Finder. Click the small icon for that iem in the top left of the Get Info box, and you can now paste in an icon from another file/folder/app, or even a graphic from your clipboard or Photoshop etc.

    PS. "is it possible to set something up where i use a keyboard shortcut of some kind, it brings up a box and I can type something in, then it searches google for it?" - You can do this with Quicksilver... just not quite sure how.... or switch to Firefox using Apple+Tab and hit Apple+K to enter your search.... Try for more pointers....
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2007
    Um, did we talk abut Parallels yet.... super-sweet

    I figured out how to do a Quicksilver/Firefox/Google search via this post (

    1) Install Firefox plugin for Quicksilver
    2) Create a bookmark in Firefox for Google, with a keyword along the lines of 'google', replacing the search term with %s, something like:
    3) In Quicksilver, type 'google' or the keyword you gave your bookmark, hit tab and choose the Search For Action, and then tab down and enter your text.... boom...
    4) Pretty soon Quicksilver will recognise this as a favourite command and place it right at the top of your list... :)
  • Interesting. I'll check out a few of those tips tomorrow and see if I can live with any of them.

    Parallels was mentioned but I'm running VMWare Fusion which does the same and better (i think?)
  • I also switched a few months back and have a question:
    In the search window in the finder you can search for the contents of some files, e.g. a certain word in a bunch of word documents. But how can you make it do the same for source code/txt/php files? For instance if I want to search for a particular vanilla function for arguments sake and search the vanilla folder, it shows me nothing although I know it's there.
    Minisweeper, I've not tried it but I've read you can detach widgets from the dashboard with a trick and have them permanently on your desktop: here and here. has lots of tipps on a regular basis. Also apple's own business tutorial videos sometimes have good tips, too.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2007
    VMWare Fusion eh... new to me... need to check it out.... I only use Parallels to run IE6/7 and the odd keygen though :)
  • @mini:dashboard: check in you keyboard preference for the shortcut. Mine is F9, but I'm not sure if it's the default.

    @jakob:spotlight in code: see this hint. You can also add other code type.
  • mini, check out for a way to search super-quick...
  • re: googling from the desktop

    minisweeper, this widget to desktop tool is supposed to make transferring desktop widgets to the desktop easier and is free too.
  • edited January 2008
    mini, should you still be looking, another handy google à la spotlight from the menu bar:

    google buddy (via tuaw)

    EDIT: and, of course, Google Desktop.
  • I'm pretty pleased with monocle but cheers anyway :)

    I say I'm pretty pleased. What I mean is I WAS pretty pleased before I dropped a magnet on my hard drive last weekend and f*cked it up...
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