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Mac OS X Leopard



  • A protection plan from Dell won't give you software updates either.
    NO one will.
  • 3stripe3stripe ✭✭
    edited October 2007
    One thing you gotta love about OS X = no serials required :)

    Once you have the hardware, you're in da club.
  • Exactly. They shouldnt encourage me to break the law though should they. It's not as if I aint given them enough money!

    MSB - Dell don't make the OS though, they have to pay Microsoft for it. Plus I wouldn't buy a protection plan from dell because if something minor went wrong I could fix it myself (ram, hard drive, possibly other stuff like wireless depending how it's set up) and if something major went wrong I'd just buy a new laptop they're so damn cheap.
  • well, not exactly. iwork required serial numbers for the first time. both pages and keynote. i do not remember how it is with numbers now. but those, i think, you cannot get separately.
  • edited October 2007
    I happen to think AppleCare is great for people who don't know much about computers. They can call Apple up 24/7 and ask them any questions they want about their computer and how to use it. And if it ever breaks, all they have to do is call Apple and they take care of all the costs necessary to fix it.

    For people who know how to fix their own computers, you can do without AppleCare. Most of the Mac desktops have a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) program where they send you the part and you fix it yourself. It's free if you're under warranty. AppleCare really just extends that warranty time.

    I'm not sure how they are encouraging you to "break the law." Mac OS X Leopard isn't that expensive for what it does. Considering that their iLife/iWork software is basically half the cost of Leopard, and since Leopard is a pretty huge upgrade (300+ new features), it makes Leopard look like a bargain at $129. And with all the discounts everywhere, it's more like $109 (at Amazon). That's a pretty good deal in my book.

    Apple realizes the honor system works for them. I think they realize that some people will take a friend's copy here and there. But, they also know that when their customers are treated with respect (and not like criminals) the customers are happier, they will have an easier time installing the software, and they are more willing to pay for something that's both easy to use and fairly priced.
  • Spot on dan39, I can easily get Leopard free from work but somehow it just doesn't feel right so I will buy it myself unless I end up getting a MacBook Pro in November. (OK I did it once with Panther, I stole it but I felt really guilty, until I remembered how many people bought a Mac after I recommended it then the guilt went away.)
  • The Wall Street Journal weighs in on Leopard vs. Vista:

    "Upgrade of Apple's OS Isn't Revolutionary, But It Beats Microsoft's"

    Interesting stuff.
  • Not "Revolutionary" no, but "Evolutionary" yes, unlike Vista which is "Devolutionary"!

    If his only criticism is a hard-to-read menubar if the desktop picture is dark, we're laughing!

    I can't wait for my new MacBook Pro!
  • Tomorrow I believe...? One of the guys at work is going to buy the 5cal pack and give me a licence. Wee!
  • Anyone got it running yet then? Won't have it for a week or two at work... and don't have Oink to download it on at home now either...
  • Oink is dead anyway the admin was caught and now the users will face the music
  • I'm not going to put it on my PowerBook G4, waiting for my new MacBook Pro.

    A few friends have it running and they say it's great.

    One (a female) complained the new folder icons were too drab and the sidebar is too gray!

    I'm going to a mate's house later to have a play. (Can't say I ever heard of Oink, apparently Limewire already has it.)

    Posted: Saturday, 27 October 2007 at 9:42AM

  • To be honest I cant see them targetting all the oink users - piracy is a bit like drug trafficking - they go for the big guns to try and topple it from the top which will starve the users anyway (ironically drug trafficking in this country is probably at the highest ever and i doubt piracy is much different)

    I'm hoping my mate at work is gonna have the disk by monday so I'll install it then!
  • Does MySql and Php work out of the box,
    Can Xcode bebug php
  • Minisweeper, the RIAA did this to a humble user recently...

    DULUTH, Minnesota -- Jammie Thomas, a single mother of two, was found liable for copyright infringement in the nation's first file-sharing case to go before a jury.

    Twelve jurors here said the Minnesota woman must pay $9,250 for each of 24 shared songs that were the subject of the lawsuit, amounting to $222,000 in penalties.


    Posted: Sunday, 28 October 2007 at 9:47AM

  • Yeah and for the one that got caught how many got away? I'm not saying it's right or they'll never catch us but it's a big battle...
  • Some valid points there but not having played with the big cat myself yet I will reserve my opinion.

    I'd bet however, that some issues will be addressed very shortly.

    There's already a hack to remove the dock reflection as well as the menubar translucency.
  • edited October 2007
    extremely detailed Ars Technica review of Leopard
    Thrashed Leopards Folders, Dock and Menu. Haven't completely finished reading it
  • edited October 2007
    More thrashing of Leopard Look part of Look and Feel By IndieHIG
    I agree with them on this one. This blog deals ONLY with Human Iterface Guidelines of different OSes. iT isn't a biased personal opinion but real HIG issues where Apple didn't follow its OWN HIG guidelines.

    Anticipating real good sales of CandyBar and Pixadex
  • I'm up and running on Leopard now and I must say that although I'm not really too bothered and I dont want to get all anal about it, I preferred the visual appearance of tiger.
  • edited October 2007
    Me too. I'm not loving the folder icons, or the way the side-dock looks too dark. The web widgets are still my favorite thing. I just can't decide what to widgetize.
  • edited October 2007
    This is priceless. Just found this icon in Leopard for "Generic PCs" in the Finder.

  • Not sure what's worse, the message on the screen or the design of the beige monstrosity itself! image
  • Presuming you're not retarded enough to have completely forgotten that mac's started off being ugly and beige, I guess you'd have to vote for the message on the screen.
  • The point is mate, Macs (no need for the apostrophe, so who is retarded?) left beige behind many years ago. They also left a lot more behind including Windblows and hardware still stuck in the 80s both style and design wise.

    Posted: Tuesday, 30 October 2007 at 9:27PM

  • Many months later and it's still the same bullshit ::sighs::
  • "bullshit" ?
    Look at all the switchers mate! What the hell does it take to make a point around here?
    I simply made a humorous reply to someone else's funny comment and I get hit with "retarded" and "bullshit"?
    In my experience, people this touchy have issues they need to deal with!

    Posted: Wednesday, 31 October 2007 at 6:23AM

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