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  • Re: Vanilla's Transifex moved - rejoin your team!

    The locales will work with 2.1.3 and even earlier versions of Vanilla.

  • Vanillicon 2 is Coming

    If you're observant you'll notice that the vanillicons are on this community have changed. That's because we've been working for a while to release a new set of vanillicons. Here are a few highlights of the new set.

    • We've gone vector. Vectors are a huge trend on the web right now both with icon fonts and svgs. The vanillicons use svgs and will look great at any size.

    • We've turned up the happines. We decided to go with just happy faces for this set. No one wants to be the user that gets stuck with a bum frown so now every vanillicon is in a good mood.

    • We've made things brighter. Some of the colors in the v1 set ended up being a bit drab due to our randomization algorithm. For this set we hired a unicorn to help us come up with our color palettes.

    • Gender neutrality. We tried to make all of the vanillicons look more neutral so that people won't feel like they haven't got the right fit.

    What you see is close to what we're going to launch, but this should be considered a pre-release. We might get a quick wave of inspiration before launch which could change things slightly.


  • Vanilla's Transifex moved - rejoin your team!

    Hi all, we've been doing a lot of translation house cleaning over the past couple of weeks. We've also transferred the Vanilla project from a personal account into an organization. As a result of this it looks like everyone got booted off their respective teams (which I didn't realize would happen).

    If you are looking to translate can you please apply to a team at Vanilla's new home here. Thanks so much.

  • Security Update: Vanilla

    We've released an important security update that should be applied immediately to anyone running 2.0.18.*. The new version can be found here.

    Here is a summary of what we've done:

    • 2013-11-26 Use SafeRedirect() instead of Redirect() in the discussion controller.
    • 2013-11-26 Added TrustedDomains() and SafeRedirect().
    • 2013-11-26 Don't allow user id override on post.
    • 2013-08-25 Fix Flagging security flaw
    • 2013-08-25 Filter discussion title on categories/all
    • 2013-06-20 Comment notifications should only be sent to people with the "NewComment" preference set.
    • 2013-06-13 Twitter: Change api version to 1.1.
    • 2013-05-08 Tagging: Fix xss bug in tagging.
    • 2013-05-02 Do not add linebreaks twice on search.
  • Re: Vanilla Performance Discussion

    We've done a lot of scaling optimizations which took load off of io, but has raised the load on cpu. This is due to having more calculation in the app rather than the database.

    We will be improving the cpu performance in coming versions. We do have some inefficiencies due to some options in the code that don't get much use and we will be removing support for some of these edge cases. I'll be talking about this after 2.1 gets its final release.

    One of our cpu bottlenecks though is rendering and that has to do with our theming flexibility. This is just going to be a fact of a Vanilla forum and I think it's a fair trade-off. We have a lot more power than phpbb or mybb and we're designed to work on more modern hardware.

    We build our software for scale. This means that our software won't perform as well on lesser hardware or on small communities. However, when the community is large we have the ability to parallelize a lot of the code and as a result we can run massive communities.