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  • submit comment creates new comment box, without submitting

    i'm dumbfounded as to what may be causing this. three days ago i modified the cookie domain to read .homebrewforums.net so users wouldn't get logged out when switching between www and non-www paths. later that day this started happening. I cleared the cookie domain field and everything was fine for the last couple days... until i logged on from my laptop today.

    When i hit the post comment button,instead of posting a comment, it just adds a new message form comments form div. What is going on?

  • Re: Which PHP files are necessary for public access?

    BTW - generally all other php files within the vanilla complex start with
    <?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();

    which makes it such that if one were to call that file directly (bypassing the index.php bootstrap) you would get an empty response, because Application would not be defined. So blocking direct access to these files via .htaccess or other configuration rules really shouldn't be necessary.

  • Feature Request: Submit User to StopForumSpam

    It would really improve the reporting rate if I had a button on a users profile that, via permissions, could be managed by specified roles (such as site moderators and admins) that allowed you to automatically submit the user name, email, ip address and the last posting of a user (as evidence) to StopForumSpam.com using a site API key that is configured via the plugin settings.

    Right now in order to report spammers that get through, I have to manually log in to StopForumSpam.com and copy and paste all of that information from the user profile page over to the Add a Spammer page, and that is very time consuming so it doesn't get done very frequently. The more frequently people add spammer information to the database the better the database is and the few spammers that will get through the defenses.

    I have several people on my site that could help report these jerks, but its too much to ask that they go to SFS site for the reporting IMHO.


  • Re: Vanilla Tutorial/Documental Site

    @RBWood said:
    I'm not sure if I'm looking at the wrong thing or what, but this just seems to be a list of things that should be on a site like this, but doesn't tell you how to do anything at all. For example the Vanilla for Webmasters section is a list of topics, but that's all it is is a list, you can't click on any of them to find out how to do any of them. Is this a wiki or a non-functional example of what a wiki could be?

    I'm trying to figure out how to modify the layout of my forum.

    I don't know that anyone has posted content to the theming section.

    The wiki only contains the content that has been added, we need community support to make it more complete.