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peregrine MVP

Thank you, Bleistivt and Vrijvlinder for letting me transfer ownership of my plugins to you both, You are the only two people I have given permission. over and out of here


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  • Re: Frequently Asked Questions

    - 29 What are some basic troubleshooting steps?

    troubleshooting mysterious problems

    Got a mysterious problem occurring. But can't figure out if it is theme or plugin or core or database structure related.

    • A ) run /utility/update and /utility/structure to update structure of database.

      to run /utility/structure and/or /utility/update type

    e.g. if your forum is located at then
    • B ) Have you recently changed theme or added css files or added a locale or created new definition files?

      • delete the .ini files in /cache folder.
      • getting a bonk or blank page after changing themes. check the permission on your Smarty/compile folder and make sure it exists.
    • C ) other mysterious issues.

      change theme to default
      if problem goes away - check your theme for errors
      if problem still occurs
      disable plugins one by one
      if problem is fixed - identify plugin and post question under offending plugin
      if problem still occurs, download core files again.

      • if problem still occurs (no plugins and default theme) , file issue on github.
      • if problem is fixed - you made a change to core that caused the problem.
    • D ) if you see a blank page (or something has gone wrong page).

      In order to reveal full descriptive error messages:
      add the following configuration statement to conf/config.php

        $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE;
           if you see
          $Configuration['Debug'] = FALSE;
          change it to
          $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE;

      Remember to remove the config statement or change it to FALSE, when you are done.

    • E) miscellaneous can't see effects of plugin in mobile view

    also for plugins to make them mobile friendly:

    locale and mobile:

    miscellaneous info

    tip: always good to enable plugins via dashboard instead of modifying config.php.

  • Re: Help me finish building a Countdown Timer Plugin

    I modified the original Countdown plugin, just to display in Content.

    Does the original countdown use local time? I think maybe not.

    However try this just to see if the time is server time vs. local time. It is totally different then what I posted image of and is not pretty with css.

    you can place timer at top with this config.

    $Configuration['Modules']['Vanilla']['Content'] = array('CountdownModule');

    alot of stuff is hard-coded. but if the local time works, I can fix it up.

    you test.

  • Re: Updated to 2.3

    try the github version and see if that works. which version are you using?

    Also, when updating plugins, themes and locales, always disable from dashboard, then update, and re-enable from dashboard.

    or at least disable and re-enable plugin via dashboard if you have an issue after update sometimes that fixes issues that are not real code issues.

  • Re: .Ini files keep re-appearing

    see this for troubleshooting info and debugging.

    also this has some some good debugging and troubleshooting info.

    read them both and you will become a troubleshooting expert.

  • Re: Handling username length and character restriction on registration.

    @Kiori said:However, this
    $Definition['UsernameError'] = "User Name m...
    Still doesn't work.

    I am not a mind reader! what did you do, where did you add it, and what doesn't work. How doesn't it work?

    If you didn't modify the entrycontroller, profilecontroller and setupcontroller and your js works properly it should display an error message if the validation invalidates the user name entered.

    The validation is set in the config statements.

    The definition defines the error message - IT DOES NOT VALIDATE, it presents a message that is defined in the definitions. The definition could say "Blah, Blah" but it has nothing to do with the validation itself. The message only appears if validation fails.

    The definition should be worded correctly to impart to the user what type of validation you have set. The definition is also not a mind reader. It spits out the message you defined in UsernameError defintion.

    so in your conf/locale.php

    you could add two definitions - one is used in the entrycontroller, the other is defined in the site core and may be used somewhere,

    used in Entrycontroller , setupcontroller and profilecontroller.

    $Definition['UsernameError'] = 'Usernames can only contain letters and numbers and must be between 5 and 20 characters long.';

    for good luck somewhere else maybe ....

    $Definition['ValidateUsername'] = 'Usernames must be 5-10 characters and consist of letters and numbers.';

    if the locale is being read properly the definition will be read.

    delete your ini files when changing definitions.

    see tutorials and faq for further info:

    if the validation isn't working - you need to figure out what you want.

    Unicode letters are more than just A-Z

    if you only want 26 letters of the english alphabet and 0 thru 9 , use this for clarity.

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = 'a-zA-Z0-9'; // letters and numbers

    see this site to test and determine regex. Remember regular expressions can have subtle differences e.g. perl and php can have different regex.