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Thank you, Bleistivt and Vrijvlinder for letting me transfer ownership of my plugins to you both, You are the only two people I have given permission. over and out of here


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  • Re: Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ Table of Contents.

    What do I do if I see the image that states "Something Has gone wrong". See here

    Why should I provide the version number of vanilla when posting a question? See here

    What are some basic troubleshooting steps? See here and here

    Clicking on a discussion returns a blank page after a fresh install See here

    How can I change the css to change colour/font etc? See here

    I don't know css or how to change it. See here

    How to change order ( position ) of items in side panel, modules and How to change order of menu items. See here

    How can I translate certain words or change wording? See here

    How do I make pretty urls and how do I change .htaccess See here

    Can I plug in my own user system? How do I have a single signin with another site? See here

    How do I find the version number of vanilla or the version number of a plugin that i am using? See here

    How do I create a config/locale.php if I don't have one? See here

    How do I change the timezone from utc to a different timezone for users who are not logged in (Guests)? See here

    How do I add or modify configuration statements? See here

    Is it possible to show the actual text of a new comment in a notification? See here

    How can I allow users to delete their own posts? See here

    What do I do if someone says run /utility/structure or /utility/update? See here

    My counts for categories and discussions are not correct. what should I do? See here

    How do I reset the default roles? My New or Approved Users seem to get the wrong role. See here

    How do I change text formatting? e.g. BBCode, Markdown and Html See here

    How do I allow users to upload files in discussions? See here

    How do I change the maximum size for file uploads, pictures, etc ? See here

    **I have an error when trying to upload or change my avatar picture? ** See

    How do I alllow other file extensions allowable for upload? e.g. I want to allow uploads of mp4 files. See here

    How can I stop spam (or at least reduce it) and report it? What about stopping Spam Applicants? See

    How do I allow users to flag or report posts and receive an email notification that a post has been flagged. See here

    Where is the official documentation for vanilla forums? Why should I read it? See here

  • Re: Frequently Asked Questions

    - 15 What do I do if I see the image below that states "Something Has gone wrong".

    We've run into a problem and are unable to handle this request right now.
    Please check back in a little while.

    In order to reveal full descriptive error messages:

    add the following configuration statement to conf/config.php

    $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE;

    • if you see

      $Configuration['Debug'] = FALSE;

      change it to

      $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE;

    • Remember to remove the config statement or change it to FALSE, when you are done.

    Start a NEW discussion on this site with your version number and the exact error message you got, and what you were doing when you got it. if you want help solving the issue

    Do not post your error message in this thread please.

    also see:

  • Re: .Ini files keep re-appearing

    @dtp56 said:
    Hi thanks for the help and oh gotcha on ini files. I initially had an error message, sorry I can't remember was something like gds (don't remember exact letters) error on line 47 bootstrap. Upon researching it seemed people said clear cache. After deleting ini files I now have a bonk image. May I provide anything else? Thanks!

    perhaps you are talking about mbstring (multi byte string problem ) that is referred to in bootstrap.php around line 47.

    to help people help you. try to report accurate error messages, provide screenshots, php version you are using, operating system and web server you are using.

    create a phpinfo file and determine if mbstring is enabled.

    these modules are necessary in your version of php

    with --enable-mbstring and the pdo_mysql module enabled.

    the readme for 2.3 has these instructions: have you ensured everything is correct.

    Self-Hosting Requirements

    We strongly recommend:

    • PHP 5.6 or 7.0.
    • MySQL 5.5 or higher (or Percona/MariaDB equivalent).

    If your server is not running PHP 5.6 or higher, you must address this immediately. All lower versions of PHP are no longer updated and are potentially unsafe.

    Our minimum requirements are now:

    • PHP 5.4 or newer with --enable-mbstring and the pdo_mysql module enabled.
    • If you intend to Migrate to Vanilla you will also need PHP with --with-mysqli.
    • MySQL 5.0 or newer (or Percona/MariaDB equivalent).

    To use our social plugins, PHP's OpenSSL support must be enabled.

    Vanilla ships with a .htaccess file required for Apache support. Using nginx or IIS may require additional configuration.

    On the client side, Vanilla should run & look good in just about any modern browser.
    Still using IE? How exotic. You'll want IE8 or greater. IE7 might work if you squint hard and click gently, but we make no promises.

    We've been natively mobile since before it was cool. Vanilla ships with a mobile-optimized theme enabled
    by default for all smartphones & tablets. Heck, it even works on the PlayStation Vita.


    how to make phpinfo file here which can be used to determine modules installed etc.

  • Re: Handling username length and character restriction on registration.

    Hi there. Stopping by for a moment.

    looking at the code for 2.2.1 and 2.3

    the configs should be

    for unicode /

    Unicode includes (N) Numbers, (L) Letters, (M) Marks, & (P) Connector punctuation.
    All you need is N and L

    either config should work for ValidationRegex on your system based on what you want to do only letters and numbers.

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = '\pN\pL'; // unicode letters and numbers only


    or non unicode

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = 'a-zA-Z0-9'; // letters and numbers

    and because of this "/^({$ValidateUsernameRegex})?$/siu"

    /i means case insensitive - so you could use either one of the two below. they would be equivalent in the context but confusing

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = 'A-Z0-9'; // letters and numbers

    or this

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = 'a-z0-9'; // letters and numbers

    or this

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = 'a-zA-Z0-9'; // letters and numbers

    but I would use this as my choice.

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = '\pN\pL'; // unicode letters and numbers only

    the validation length is set with min number first and max number last.

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationLength'] = "{5,10}";

    put what ever error message you want - for

    $Definition['UsernameError'] = "User Name must contain 5 to 10 characters in length. Any combination of numbers and/or uppercase or lowercase letters .";

    the ^ and ?$ are filled in all ready in the return, no need to duplicate. that was your mistake.

    $Configuration['Garden']['User']['ValidationRegex'] = '^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$'; // WRONG

    return ValidateRegex(

    Bye Bye.

  • Re: Tutorial: How to change wording, How to change text, How to change language. How to change locale

    These are various phrases in translations.

    you need to change it to form a correct definitions

    remove parentheses and place words in

     $Definition['add the text below']  = "Your desired change here";


    ('15 minutes')

    would be

    $Definition['15 minutes'] = '15 minutos';

       ('15 minutes')
        ('1 day')
        ('1 hour')
        ('1 month')
        ('1 month after being sent')
        ('[%1$s] %2$s')
        ('%1$s %2$s')
        ('[%1$s] Membership Approved')
        ('%1$s on %2$s')
        ('%1$s to %2$s')
        ('%1$s to %2$s of %3$s')
        ('%1$s Version %2$s')
        ('%1$s version %2$s is available.')
        ('%1$s was added to the %2$s %3$s.')
        ('%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s.')
        ('%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s and added to the %4$s %5$s.')
        ('1 week')
        ('1 week after being sent')
        ('2 weeks after being sent')
        ('4 hours')
        ('5 minutes')
        ('about a week ago')
        ('AboutCommentEmbedding', "Vanilla can be used as a drop-in replacement for your blog's native commenting system. As a matter of fact, it can be used to add comments to any page on the web.")
        ("About.DisableStatistics", "If you must disable this data reporting for some business reason, you can do so by adding the following line to your installation's configuration file: <code>\$Configuration['Garden']['Analytics']['Enabled'] = FALSE;")
        ('about %s month%s ago')
        ('about %s year%s ago')
        ('about three weeks ago')
        ('AboutToDeleteSelectedDiscussions', 'You are about to delete %1$s of the %2$s selected discussions.')
        ('AboutToDelete', 'You are about to delete %s.')
        ('about two weeks ago')
        ("About Vanilla Statistics")
        ("About.VanillaStatistics", "It is vitally important to the life of this free, open-source software that we accurately measure the reach and effectiveness of Vanilla. We ask that you please do not disable the reporting of this data.")
        ('Above Main Content')
        (abs($WorkingNumber) == 1 ? $Singular : $Plural)
        ('Access your community forum by clicking the "Visit Site" link on the top-left of this page, or by ')
        ('Account Options')
        ("Account Sync Failed")
        (' a comment in')
        ('Active Users')
        ("Activity.{$Activity->ActivityType}.FullHeadline", T($Activity->FullHeadline))
        ("Activity.{$Activity->ActivityType}.ProfileHeadline", T($Activity->ProfileHeadline))
        ('Activity.Comment', 'Comment')
        ('ActivityCommentRequiresApproval', 'Your comment will appear after it is approved.')
        ('Activity Item')
        ('Activity item not found.')
        ('ActivityRequiresApproval', 'Your post will appear after it is approved.')
        ("Add a Message")
        ('Add a Profile Picture')
        ('Add Category')
        ('Added By')
        ("Adding a Regarding event requires a comment.")
        ("Adding a Regarding event requires a foreign association id.")
        ("Adding a Regarding event requires a foreign association type.")
        ("Adding a Regarding event requires a type.")
        ('Adding & Editing Categories')
        ('Add Item')
        ('Add Message')
        ('Add People to this Conversation')
        ('Add Profile Field')
        ('Add Role')
        ('Add Route')
        ('Add %s')
        ('Add User')
        ("adjust layout")
        ('Administrator Activity')
        ('Administrator Role Description', 'Administrators have permission to do anything.')
        ('Advanced Embed Settings')
        ('Advanced Forum Settings')
        ('Advanced Options')
        ('Advanced Settings')
        ('a few minutes ago')
        (' afternoon')
        ('All %1$s')
        ('All Bookmarks')
        ('all categories')
        ('All Categories')
        ('All categories listed with a selection of 5 recent discussions under each')
        ('All Discussions')
        ('All discussions in this category will be permanently deleted.')
        ('All Forum Pages')
        ("All of the user content will be replaced with a message stating the user has been deleted.")
        ('Allow other members to see your email?')
        ('All Pages')
        ('All %s')
        ("Also delete this user's content.")
        ('also reported this.')
        ('Although the invitation was created successfully, the email failed to send. The server reported the following error: %s')
        ('A message has been sent to your email address with password reset instructions.')
        (' and')
        ('Applicant Role Description', 'Users who have applied for membership, but have not yet been accepted. They have the same permissions as guests.')
        ('Applicant Role', 'Select the role that should be applied for new applicants. This only applies if you have the approval registration method.')
        ('Applied On', 'Date')
        ("Apply for Membership")
        ('Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you want to take this action?')
        ('Are you sure these %s items aren\'t spam?')
        ('Are you sure this isn\'t spam?')
        ("Are you sure you've entered the correct database host name? Maybe you mistyped it? The database reported: %s")
        ('Are you sure you want to delete 1 item forever?')
        ('Are you sure you want to delete %s items forever?')
        ('Are you sure you want to delete this category?')
        ('Are you sure you want to delete this %s?')
        ('Are you sure you want to do that?')
        ('Are you sure you want to do this?')
        ('Are you sure you want to restore 1 item?')
        ('Are you sure you want to restore %s items?')
        ('Are you sure you wish to continue?')
        ('Attempted to set invalid DeliveryType value (%s).')
        ('AttemptingSignOut', 'You are attempting to sign out. Are you sure you want to %s?')
        ('Authors may always edit')
        ('Authors may edit for %s')
        ('Authors may never edit')
        ('Awaiting Moderation')
    ('Back to all users')
    ('Back to Mobile Site')
    ('Back to Profile')
    ('Ban.Action', 'Ban')
    ('Ban Item', 'Item')
    ('Banned for being abusive.')
    ('Banned for spamming.')
    ('Banning Options')
    ('Ban Type', 'Type')
    ('Ban User')
    ('Basic Information')
    ('Below Sidebar')
    ('Birthday Format','F j, Y')
    ('Blank Discussion Topic')
    ('Blank Message')
    ('Blog Comments')
    ('Blogger Gadget')
    ('Blog Posts By Vanilla Forums')
    ('{Name} deleted.')
    ('Bookmarked Discussions')