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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1
Please upgrade to 2.3 here. The 2.2 and earlier branches are no longer being updated.

Vanilla 2.0 RC1



  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    edited May 2010
    Okay, on closer inspection maybe there's a few more things.

    I love Vanilla, we've been using it for years and everyone has nothing but praise for it, but unfortunately RC1 has broken a few things which we really liked before. Is it easy enough to go back? Where would I even download it from?

    Thanks :-)
  • How long will support for Vanilla 1 last once Vanilla 2 is made final?

  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @blizeH - What has it broken that you want back? You can download Vanilla 1 right here on, but you really should just restore the backup that I know you made :)

    @Simba Cub - Community support for Vanilla 1 will be available as long as there are people here still using it. We will continue to have the download available here on indefinitely.
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    @Mark - :D thanks dude, I do have a backup, but I was actually running the original Vanilla 2 code from before the RC1! I think part of that is what has caused the problems in some circumstances.

    It's silly little things that people are noticing unfortunately, I like a lot of the new changes and am happy to roll with it, but it's mostly things like the auto refresh making people miss new posts, and other silly little things like that.

    But I'm getting around them slowly so it's no problem! I've disabled auto refresh, and a few other things are now sorted toooooo! \o/

    You're doing an amazing job fair play, I love Vanilla forums.
  • This is fantastic news!
  • Maybe I'm missing something but can someone please clarify; is there currently a way within the RC1 release to import from a Vanilla 1 forum to a new install of Vanilla 2?

    All I've got is this reference: 'Use this page to import data from another forum that was exported using Vanilla's exporter.' on the Import page, but no exporter.
  • So since this is RC, I'm guessing it's safe to start working on own themes? Or are the style/themes template going to go through more changes?
  • I'm waiting on an answer to the Rackspace problem. Sticking with phpBB until then.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @scooter I don't think the importer should be tried until rc2. I've done a lot of work on it and tested it with some Vanilla 1 imports. Would love it if the community would help test with their Vanilla 1 installs.

    To answer your question. There is another php script called the Vanilla Porter that you put on the server with the database that you want to export and it generates an export file. The bulk of the porter was done by @Lincoln and is on github right now. I guess we should make this waaaay more clear. Sorry about that.
  • Hi.
    Congrats for this awesome tool that I've just discovered. It looks very promising.
    However, I've tried to install it on my localhost and I encountered lot of problems.. like basic account creation not working (returns a access denied error).
    Any idea when the 2.0 stable will be released ?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @charliepratt. Rackspace cloud doesn't support fulltext indexes? Yikes. I guess we'll have to have a like option. Not the best.
  • Almost time for rc2, lots of updates to rc1 already
  • Is there anybody, who's got issues with pre-installed conversations?
    I Just get a 404 if i click inbox/new conversation at the menue.
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    @tobbes run your structure file. Get back to me if there is a problem still.
  • problem is still there. is there any additional setup stuff i have to do to get conversations running? I didn't find a readme or online documentation etc. :/
  • Uninstalled, reinstalled. Now it works. Maybe the problem was, that i first run the installation with mysql 4.xx and didnt clear the DB after i updated to mysql 5.xx and run the installation again.
  • @rayk said:
    So since this is RC, I'm guessing it's safe to start working on own themes? Or are the style/themes template going to go through more changes?
    what is the answer to this question?
  • I would say yes, considering Vanilla are releasing themes now themself.
  • oliverraduneroliverraduner Contributing to Vanilla since 2010 Switzerland ✭✭
    edited June 2010
    So since this is RC, I'm guessing it's safe to start working on own themes? Or are the style/themes template going to go through more changes?
    I would like to have an official statement from the developers about this, too. Thanks.
  • TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
    We're continually adding features to the themeing capabilities of Vanilla, so it is by no means static, but I don't foresee a big overhaul in the works anytime soon.

    Vanilla Forums Senior Developer [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • oliverraduneroliverraduner Contributing to Vanilla since 2010 Switzerland ✭✭
    @Tim When I looked closer into adapting my theme for RC2, I realised that most of my own adjustments have been built in to Vanilla. So the efforts to make my theme RC2-ready turned out to be very minimal ;-)

    Anyway, this is for sure not the case for everybody...
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