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Page Manager

NickENickE New
edited December 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Page Manager


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    Is it "Management" or "Manager"? The Vanilla 1.1 updater wants to know... ;)
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    @pbear: the default.php file of this extension has to be changed. The line that reads: Extension name: Page Management Plus Should be: Extension name: Page Manager Then the new Vanilla updater works ok. SirNot should correct this!
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    I changed the name of the extension to Page Manager, uploaded the new file, and that extension disappeared from the list in the admin panel. Changed the name back to Page Management Plus, and it appears again.

    Do we need to uninstall/reinstall the extension in order for this name change to be recognized? If so, what happens to the pages that we have already created?
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    @dhdesign: I changed the name to "Page Manager", and it worked fine for me. Make sure you do not change anything else on that line, apart from the name. If you accidentaly delete something - like, for instance, the colon - then the updater may not be able to recognise what extension it is at all, and it may ignore it!
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    Okay, I just changed it again from Page Management Plus to Page Manager, and it is now showing in the extensions list in the admin panel correctly.

    From what I'm reading, there are enough issues with the 1.1 upgrade that I'm going to wait until later today before I even attempt it. That way, I can get things fixed in advance, and hopefully won't encounter the same problems.
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    Page Manager 2.4.3 is broken!
    The tabs appear OK but they don't navigate to the actual content.
    Tried re-sync, tried making a new tab, nothing works.

    Reinstalled fresh copy, seems to be working again.

    Posted: Wednesday, 7 March 2007 at 9:56AM (AEDT)

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    Small formatting issue
    the input boxes need to be inside span for the vanilla css to pick it up correctly
    All ur input checkboxes are except one. the tabs hidden checkbox
    I'm using this
    <p class="Description"><span> <input type="checkbox" name="Hidden" id="chkTabHidden" '.($this->TabHidden ? 'checked' : '').'/><strong> ' .$this->Context->GetDefinition('HiddenQ'). '</strong></span></p>
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    @SirNot: people sometimes have quite a bit of trouble getting their "Page Manager" pages to look like ordinary discussion pages, as outlined in this discussion.
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    Are these functions important

    I took both these functions out and ur extension didn't break
    are they required?

    I'm just dismantling your extension, cause i'm making one based on your code :)
    flattering isn't it :P
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    have you tried to see if the settings page still works?
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    everything works. role assignment works as well
    i think its a left over code. or code that is part of functions not yet completed.
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    @schizobuddy: those functions aren't essential (heck, if you don't want an admin interface half the extension is non-essential), but they are responsible for displaying/managing which tabs a role can access on the 'edit role' pages. if you comment out the addtodelegate(...) functions and reload the role editing page you'll notice the tab list will disappear.

    in regard to the tab formatting, that setting is so 'independant' if you will that I think I'd prefer to leave it like it is.

    @icouto: all the page manager does is provide a completely empty page that the user can work with; it delibrately leaves out as much as possible to give the user as much freedom as he needs. If you want I could add something to the description mentioning you're comment 'how-to' though.
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    Hello everyone,
    First of all I would like to thank you all.
    I just installed this Page Manager. But I have just got an error message saying "PAGEMANAGER ERROR: An error occured in attempting to save your tabs. Please check that your file permissions are correct and verify that PageManager::CustomPageFile (./extensions/PageMng/CustomPages.php) is a valid file name."
    I changed the permission of default.php to 777. But I cant see a file called CustomPages.php.
    Could someone help me with this problem?

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    change the permissions of the folder to 777
    It doesn't seem to have permission to create a new file INSIDE the folder
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    Oh, Thank you very much for your rapid and kind reply. Solved! Merci.
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    SirNot. What do I need to do when making an extension (which is a custom page and use extension.php) in order for it to be compatible with Page Manage? It seems to me that PM rewrites the menu on alll other pages, but either you forgot to do it for extension.php, or add on authors have to add a code snip to be compatible with yours.
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    You will have to run the resync link, that will recreate the tabs. and ur tab will be taken care of
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    nope. it still forgets the new tabs when on extension.php (ie my add on custom page.)
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    its working here
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