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    Uploaded version 2.5.3 of Page Manager.
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    am encountering an error previously listed: An error occured in attempting to save your tabs...(./extensions/PageMng/CustomPages.php) is a valid name. Running 1.1.2 vanilla. Have all folders and files set to 777 as previously prescribed. Still encountering the error.
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    Slight formatting, well "error" I suppose. In vanilla.css is the following code: #AccountPage #Content, #CommentsPage #Content, #DiscussionsPage #Content, #CategoryPage #Content, #ExtensionPage #Content, #SettingsPage #Content, #SearchPage #Content { padding-top: 20px; } Because the new pages aren't defined in there, the custom pages look different. As I have a banner_ad there, it really noticed. All you need to do is either add your page identity into the above CSS, or append your own on to the end. It would be nice if the script did this automatically.
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    I have a problem with authorization. I have created tab, such as, but on click i am sign in out. Role and page mng permissions are correct. Tested in Opera 9.5 and IE 7. COOKIE options are $Configuration['FORWARD_VALIDATED_USER_URL'] = ''; $Configuration['COOKIE_DOMAIN'] = '; $Configuration['COOKIE_PATH'] = '/';
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    This extension should be able to allow you to put a gap between tabs
    (example from lussumo community)

    instead of
    [discussions] [categories] [search] [account] [troubleshooting] [faqs] [bugs]

    it could be
    [discussions] [categories] [search] [account]      [troubleshooting] [faqs] [bugs]

    or the admin could put spaces in between any two tabs.

    not sure how you would go about this, though
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    also when i enable new extensions and the page manager is installed the tabs will not be created and they will not appear
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    Go to the pagemanager settings page and click 'resync tabs,' and it fixes it
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    oh wow
    thanks a bunch
    now that is awesome
    thank you
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    Is there any way to allow other users/roles to be able to edit/add pages?
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    Make them ADMINs?
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    Yeah without doing that.. I don't want to give them total control to everything, I've made this user an Junior Admin and he has access to Settings and can edit users and so on but I don't want him changing registration or application settings. I just want him to do a small task of things and editing pages is one of them.
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    How's about making it an external page and giving him access to it that way?
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    Then I'd have to have some sort of CMS on the external page (I'm running everything through Vanilla). It's cool I'll see if I can code in what I want.
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    editing a page is a permission. just set up the permissions in a seperate role for them.

    ...well shit, in my infinite wisdom I managed to assign page management to PERMISSION_CHANGE_APPLICATION_SETTINGS :-/ changing that should be simple matter though.
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    I was also having issue with the "Sign Out" link on Page Manager pages.

    Not sure if this was the best way to fix it but by adding:

    $Configuration['SIGNOUT_URL'] = $Configuration['WEB_ROOT'].'people.php?PostBackAction=SignOutNow'; $Configuration['SAFE_REDIRECT'] = $Configuration['WEB_ROOT'].'people.php?PageAction=SignOutNow';

    to: conf/settings.php - things seem to be working.

    Hopefully this won't cause any other problems.

    I realize there's probably an htaccess answer for all links on "pages" but regular expressions drive me nuts.
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    It's happened again, something wiped out my CustomPages.php back to defaults.

    Luckily I kept a backup which I restored and got my (many complicated) pages back.

    I had just installed Preset Avatars but I don't see the connection.

    Posted: Friday, 25 April 2008 at 7:54PM

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    It's happened yet again, something wiped out my CustomPages.php back to defaults.

    I had just checked the roles and permissions settings to help someone out, all my hidden tabs suddenly became visible then when I hid them, all my custom pages disappeared.

    What the hec is doing this?
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    i edit and save my custom pages locally and then upload to the forum by the page manager settings forms so i always have a backup in my computer of the custom pages. anyway, your case is quite weird... hope you can solve it ;)
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    Yup, I do the same thing but when they screw up I have to wait until I get home to restore.

    I might keep a backup copy of my CustomPages.php on the server and use FTP to get to it.

    Still, I don't understand which extension is resetting the PageMgr settings back to defaults, very annoying.
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    how do i manually remove a page i added to the page manager? (like through editing files) thank you, ~Hamed [edit] never mind i figured it out, thanks anyway
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