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This discussion is related to the GoogleMapDirectory addon.


  • Ok, when I look at it in IE and zoom out it takes the locations with them as in my house could be on the isle of man with 2 clicks. It works fine in FF but it does this in IE, does anyone else have the same problem or know of a fix?
  • very nice, i just added it to, which is our university filmmaking club

    my only qualm is that there's no search box, which would be much better than having to drag around the map
  • Shouldn't it automatically add your marker when you enter your address?
  • everything works fine EXCEPT the google navigation button images are not loading for me. (ie the zoom in/out. they are just blank white squares)

    also seems to have trouble parsing punctuation like ' or "
  • further, as an admin i would like to be able to delete listings. i run a san francisco based forum and someone added a map point in LA to be funny.
  • Hi all,

    Ok this does seem to be generating some interest now. I've been busy knocking walls down in my house and not very web2 at all! I'll try and aggregate the above as some kind of action list, which won't happen til late next week at the best.

    1) ThaRiddla - I'll try and capture the current location and pass it to the AddLocation page.
    2) alecglen - Yep, can see that glitch, i'll endeavour to fix
    3) GMonkey - I'll add an explanation and perhaps prefix that field with the discussion thread url so you just enter a discussion id number?
    4) radioboy - search has already been requested, not sure how that fits with the layout and stuff. I think we focus on getting the fundamentals working properly before extending.
    5) skube - no, the address is manual, further info for your marker
    6) onetwentyeight - the google nav comes straight out of google's code, its nothing to do with the extension, check on a few browsers. I have added a delete function but its a bit half-arsed. Next version will have 'created by' and 'last edited by' for each marker. Then admin can set whether anyone, creator or just admin can delete - at least that's the plan. I thought I'd caught the parsing issues, which field isn't working for you?

    Phew. Looks like I have my work cut out. Still no volunteers out there to help me further this?
  • david - ' and " get turned into /
  • 128 - are you sure you've got the latest version? This is quite clearly working for me. Anyone else? GMonkey?
  • yea, .3... my forum members love this extension, btw.

    ive been having a lot of bugs since i upgraded to 1.1.2, im looking into it.
  • Hmm... I like 128's idea of restricting where pins can be placed.

    I might add a boxed area to the extension so that only points that fall within specific longitudes and latitudes get added. If I do this, would you like a copy of my modifications to consider adding as an option to the extension?

    It will be a boxed area, a simple "lat between a and b" and "long between x and y" thing. Test in JavaScript refuse to add if outside the boxed area, the value for a, b, x and y would be hard-coded along with a boolean switch to activate the logic within the hacks default.php file.

    V. nice hack :)
  • I just set it up on my local install. I get js errors:
    sa.instance(qb(a)).Qm is not a function on line 121 of maps2.69.api.js

    I already have the MemberGoogleMap extension installed. Does it conflict with your?
  • Yeah ok, so we add four exta fields to the settings page, if they're empty then no restrictions if they aren't then process a "boundaryLimits" function at form submission? I'm happy for that to be added, buro9. I'm working on version 0.4 which incorporates most of the above, should be ready in a week to two, want to get that to me for that release? How's your extension coding? I could do with some guidance, I'm winging this on some very limited knowledge!
  • It might do jimw but I doubt it, I've been careful to not step on their toes naming-wise. Try disabling one or the other to see.
  • Yep, your extension works after I deactivated the MemberGoogleMap extension.
  • aha. Thanks jimw, I'll take a look at that, i must be clashing with something. Seems to be which version of googlemaps is called, can't see why that'd clash, MemberGoogleMap guys, any ideas? Might be some other caching issues, I know Explorer does some crappy things, what browser are you using?
  • My extension coding is limited... I donated a chunk of code for AJAX and JSON loading of Flickr images (prevents server work), but didn't know how to wrap it up.

    But now I've actually got an installation of Vanilla it's not so bad ;) Happy to help out if you need it.

    BTW, You appear to have left a polygon over part of North London. Commenting out drawArea() within Map.js (line 33) took care of it. Were you just playing with paths and shapes? Or did you have more functionality in mind?

    It's in use on now :)
  • Yeah that was for where the extension started, a Stroud Green local forum. I've been turning the function on and off while playing with VML stuff. I meant to leave it in if other people wanted to use it, but just comment out. Must have forgotten to re-uncomment the line. I'm shoddy at testing, what can I say...

    Your locations made me laugh. Being a London cyclist I know most of them. Small world...!
  • I can't get this to show added locations (they are in the database tho), using the latest version. It just shows a blank map. Is this a php5 thing? I'm still on 4.
  • nope all fine on php4 LoOk HerE, what browser etc are you using? got a link to look at?
  • getting this started @

    how do users add listings?
  • iamglenn, that isn't this extension? What are you asking?
  • It'd be really nice if it tied up with the Member Google Map so that it centered on the members location if they had one by default.
  • Nice idea. Although at present the Member Google Map apparently breaks this extension, if we get that ironed out at some point then it could be a possible option.
  • After a little more research with the 2 extensions, I believe I found the conflict. Each is submitting the google js on the GoogleMapDirectory page. With both extensions activated the GoogleMapDirectory page does not work, but the Member Map on the Account page and the view all member page work.

    When I commented out the AddScript line in the Member Google Map extension, there was no conflict on the GoogleMapDirectory page. However, the googlemap on the account page then did not work and neither did the "view all members" page.

    So, it looks like the "if" statement for adding the script needs to be modified. I modified the "if" statement in the Member Google Map extension to look like the following and it worked for me:
    if (($Context->SelfUrl == 'account.php' OR $Context->SelfUrl == 'extension.php' AND ($Context->SelfUrl == 'extension.php' AND ForceIncomingString('PostBackAction','') == 'GoogleMap')) AND isset($Head))
  • cool. thought it was somewhere around there. So we need to request/suggest that the MemberGoogleMap only calls the google script if its their extension, not just call it on the extension.php page regardless. Well if someone gives me the nod when that's done, i'll work on something that centres onto it on this extension. My only concern here is that the administrator may want to control the focus of the map, so perhaps I'd also need a setting to turn that on and off at the admin level.

    I've just finished a bunch of revisions including pretty much all of the previous requests, even a basic search on title and description now. I think I'll wait for buro9's (let me know if you're to busy buro9, and i'll push on with it) boundary limit function then I'll release version 0.4.
  • @david

    here's direct link:

    did i do something wrong?
    i want the users to be able to add listings and to view the list below the map, also to have some navigation controls on the map.

    great extenstion!
  • Davidk43,

    We found another issue that may come up. After adding a location, another person can come along and change it and after saving their changes, they can delete it completely. This should be an admin function only.

    Also, could there be a way to add an address and it would find the location by it's self? So you wouldn't have to search for the spot on the map.
  • Hi GMonkey, yeah this is what i was banging on about when I said a 'half-assed' attempt at delete's. New version has a setting on the admin side to determine whether all users can delete, or just creators or just admin. i've been offline for a bit but back now, so expect version 0.4 over the next week.

    iamglenn, yeah i saw that link, its just not this extension is it? I'm not getting what you're doing here..!
  • Uploaded version 0.4 of GoogleMapDirectory.
  • OK quite a few changes in this version. I've tried to include a smoother upgrade path so existing data doesn't get trashed, may be worth backing up that table somewhere first though. As there's now a new field in "LastEditedByID" I've passed over the current UserID used as "Created by", this is just to get existing entries going, so all existing entries will read as Created by and Last edited by the same person until edited by someone else in the new version.

    Version 0.4
    - Location on main map now passes over to addLocation page.
    - Fixed Explorer bugs to do with vml by turning off the rectangle for the moment - may revisit this at some stage.
    - Added some explanation about Discussion Thread, toyed with prefixing URL but thread might be elsewhere so why limit?
    - A little more tweaking to settings names. All now strictly prefixed by GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_
    - Aligned error notices to vanilla.css styles.
    - Now has Creator(User) and LastEditedBy ID fields.
    - Improved delete process, now based on Administrator/Location Creator/Any Member, Admin can always delete.
    - Search functionality now integrated, searches on titles and description. Basic but a start.
    - Added an upgrade route for existing installations, probably needs work.
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