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This discussion is related to the GoogleMapDirectory addon.


  • mattmatt ✭✭
    Hey David, great work.

    The only thing I can spot is that the location zooms out when you edit a location. If you're only editing the position of the pin this is a real pain. Could the location on main map pass over to editLocation page?

  • says my google api key is invalid, and so i inserted a new one. now all my pinpoints are gone. :(
  • How did you do this? If you uninstalled by unchecking the extension, then I think re-activating might actually do that as it resets the tables.

    If that has happened, do you have backups of your SQL database? All of the locations are in the database in a table called LUM_GoogleMapDirectory_Locations. If you restore that table you have all of your pinpoints back.

    You have a backup policy right? (Please say you do)
  • Basically if this line is absent from your conf\settings.php file:

    Then it will drop and re-create the pinpoints table.
  • i do but not daily... ill talk to my server guy. i just rewrote the extension rather then enabling and disabling it. i guess that was dumb but i have another bug on my forum that wont let me enable or disable any extensions (among other things) that has yet to be resolved.
  • somehow this got written to my conf/settings.php file


    causing my forum to go down... im having a lot of problems with vanilla since the 1.1.2 update :(
  • I'm kind of new at vanilla and I'm having a little trouble with the google map add on. I feel like I installed it correctly because I was able to install fckeditor, which was much more difficult. Either way. Before I make Vanilla accessible to my client I would like to have it running properly. So here is my problem. Once the GoogleMapDirectory is activated I can see the map just fine. When I click on the tab for GoogleMapDirectory it give me the option to "Start an new discussion" or "Add a Location". When I'm in either the admin or a guess I get an error which posts right above the map saying this

    Notice: Undefined variable: setLatitude in /home/content/j/d/e/jdemaria/html/vanilla/extensions/GoogleMapDirectory/default.php on line 184

    I can find the line but I have know idea what is wrong. I had .3, uninstalled it, fix a line of code on the extenstion.php from the vanilla directory and I don't know what else to do.

    Can someone help?
  • Did you get your GoogleMap API Key?
  • Yeah, I actually got one three times because I couldn't get back to the orignial, either way, I believe I set it up properly. You can check out the error yourself a go ahead and sign up to see what's going on. I also just check to make sure if the position get saved in MySql and it does. It just doesn't have any points in the locations.
  • Hi All,

    - 128 -
    Sounds like you should try and sort out your vanilla in general before trouble shooting the extensions. I did say to back up the table first...! To explain, I've tried to incorporate an upgrade path now while aligning the naming structure so all Config variables are prefixed with "GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_". This means the new detection for if the script is installed is now called "GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_SETUP" rather than "EXTENSION_GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_SETUP". When running version 0.4 it checks for this, sets the older one to "0" and ammends the existing table rather than deleting and creating a new one. It was the only way i could see to keep data while changing the table structure. Hope that helps some trouble shooting.

    - emsef (hi matt!) -
    The location on the edit page is centred on the position of the edit point in question, I suppose I can up the zoom level though. Will add to next revision.

    - jdemaria -
    Not sure why that's happening, though it could be you've a cached version of one of the 0.3 pages which wouldn't included the GET variable $setLatitude causing the error quoted. Try refreshing a lot, clearing cache or a mates machine and see if you get any better results.

    - iamglenn -
    Yes you can delete locations now, there's a setting added to the admin page that can be set to admin only, locations editors or any member. It's default is admin and the delete button now appears on the edit page of that location rather than in the map balloon as before.

    - DavidK -
    Thanks for helping on the troubleshooting!
  • Sigh. My previous data also got erased when I upgraded. So was I suppose to deactivate it before I install over?

    I too got the same error when I tried adding a location:
    Notice: Undefined variable: setLatitude in /nfsn/content/artmgs/public/forum/extensions/GoogleMapDirectory/default.php on line 184

    I tried clearing caches, used different browsers, logging in and out, etc. Still the same?
  • Hmm, I'm unable to replicate this error Kifo/jdemaria. If either of you could supply me with a link I'll have a sniff around and see what I can deduce from your errors. I still feel like this could be cached javascript or something similar as it sounds like its looking for a variable that only existed in the latest version, makes me feel one of the scripts/pages hasn't updated...

    As for the wiping of previous data and for anyone else out there about to upgrade - I have stressed a few times you should back that table up first just in case - it seems to be having quite varied results although I think it's been a successful upgrade path for most.
  • Maybe this is too stupid to ask but what URL shall I register to Google?
    /forum/ or /forum/extensions/GoogleMapDirectory/ or something eles? I tried those two with no luck...
  • Just the domain name, so:
  • I just upgraded my extension and now I get a JS error:
    invalid flag after regular expression (line 103 map.js)
  • I'm trying to deploy the extension but users entries don't appear on the map. They end up in the database ok, but they are not marked on the map, nor is there a list below the map. Any ideas?
  • Hi Skube/Mvhaen,

    Without examples to look at myself the only explanation I can find for these messages would be cache of js script files so the server side and client side data is out of sync. A few have posted your problem mvhaen, and it suggests that data gets passed to the server fine but can't display it as the javascript bins out. I suggest looking at Firefox's excellent plugin Firebug: to help you pin point where in the script its falling over (good chance its line ala skube's problem).

    Many many people have this plug in working fine now, so I suggest its an installation/upgrade issue. try ripping all out and starting afresh with version 0.4.
  • Hi davidk43,

    thanks for your response. I have a working forum here
    I still cannot add any locations to the google map directory because of the problem I am facing.
  • I got the following output from Firebug, unfortunately my javascript skills aren't that great, but it looks like the same bug as Skube all right.

    invalid XML markup
    InitiateXmlHttpRequest()ajax.js (line 39)
    LoadData("extensions/GoogleMapDirectory/ajax.php?action=getLocations&Search=")ajax.js (line 51)
    getLocations("")map.js (line 103)
    getMap(600, 600, 51.183542, 4.416065, 12, "")map.js (line 31)
    onload(load )extension.php (line 1)
    [Break on this error] (<?\n

    About uninstalling can I just remove the DB table and delete the folder of the extension or do I need to know about anything else? I installed v0.4 to begin with.
  • If you started on version 0.4 then I wouldn't bother with the uninstall etc as its merely some issues for some when upgrading. I can see your error mvhaen happening with kifo's link too. So there is a common blip here, but I'll be damned if I can see what it is. Firebug is spitting this out

    Undefined property: PeopleSession::$RoleID in <b>/nfsn/content/artmgs/public/forum/extensions/GoogleMapDirectory/ajax.php on line 49

    RoleID? I only use that when setting who can access the delete button for a location. Can one of you try changing the setting in your admin and seeing if you get any different results - i'm not but then i'm not getting any errors either. I'll keep looking into it...
  • What is the recommended method to uninstall? I deleted the GoogleMapDirectory folder from the extensions directory and dropped the LUM_GoogleMapDirectory_Locations table. Yet when I installed the latest version, it already had the settings from the previous install. Where does it store the Google Key and other settings?
  • Skube, the settings are stored in vanilla's conf/settings.php file. so you should see a bunch of entries like "$Configuration['GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_TABNAME'] = "GoogleMapDirectory" and so on.

    I've asked on these forums a few times if there's a formal uninstall method for taking these entries back out of the settings.php file but never got an answer. This is why I set the old entries to zero and based the upgrade on whether those old ones were zero or one.

    If you want to fully uninstall, it'd be unticking the extension in the extension manager, deleting the extention from your server, delete the table in your database and then remove the entries from the conf/settings.php. If anyone out there does know the formal way to control all this, i'd love to be enlightened and I'd then happily sit and code the relevant housekeeping for this extension.

    There seems to be a key error at the moment for some where the database gets populated, but the locations don't show up. This to me means something isn't right between the server side and the client side javascript that populates the map. however seeing as its working for so many now, I'm still of the belief its to do with this convoluted upgrade/uninstall path leading to mismatches of script versions. It could also still be a wierd data character binning the javascript out but think I've pretty much solved all that.

    Of course, it may not be - its just the best I can come up with right now! Am still looking into the $RoleID error too.
  • Excellent response davidk43, thanks! I uninstalled as per your steps: unchecked extension, deleted folder, dropped table and removed all "GOOGLEMAP.." entries within the conf/settings.php. But still no go. Everything appears like it's working until I try to "Add a Location" at which point I get the following error:

    invalid flag after regular expression map.js (line 111) InitiateXmlHttpRequest() LoadData("extensions/GoogleMapDirectory/ajax.php?action=getLocations&Search=") getLocations("") getMap(500, 600, 43.647835, -79.408256, 14, "") onload(load )
    I'm wondering if those who've found it to work had a previous version installed or not. Also, I'm wondering if they can actually add locations. Maybe they see the map and think it's working?

    In any case, I don't know what else to try... oh and yeah, an standard un-install that completely removes traces of an extension would be cool. I really hate orphaned junk.
  • Hi Skube, I don't think it's a case of it working with people who had previously installed versions. I just ripped my test one completely out and whacked it back in and all fine. This error to seems to be around where I push the current users RoleID ("CurrentRoleID": "'.$Context->Session->RoleID.'") from the ajax.php/server side into the JSON object that gets passed back to the javascript/client side. I see the difference here being the various vanilla installs, rather than the extension install.

    Perhaps there's a more robust reference to RoleID, maybe $context->Session->User->RoleID ? I really don't know, these last few weeks I've been living well outside my comfort zone for coding an extension for Vanilla! I was hoping for further help but its not surfaced to date...anyone? I'll see what other references there are for the RoleID and if it works for me, get you to tweak your code, if we can get something working on both mine and yours then we've probably cracked it.
  • I'm getting this error when I try to add a location:

    Notice: Undefined variable: setLatitude in /usr/home/orphans/domains/ on line 184

    I think it's preventing me from successfully entering in the location info.
  • Hey davidk43, you may be right. I know my installation of Vanilla was less than perfect because I attempted to port from another Forum (SMF). That said, your GoogleMap extension did work before I upgraded it. I wish I could be more help programming, but I'm a real novice. If there is anything specific you would like me to try I'm more than willing...
  • Skube, my forum was migrated from PHPBB, this seems to be the common demeanor here.
  • i tried this but had to disable it

    1. the css takes over, changing the text size and font in the sidebar. i got around this by deleting the definitions H1, H2, A etc. maybe you could create specific classes for your text.

    2. clicking 'add a location' gives this error

    Notice: Undefined variable: setLatitude in /home/.lock/circuitron2/ on line 184 3. the page title on the maps page is not correctly set.
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