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This discussion is related to the GoogleMapDirectory addon.


  • hey guys.
    just installed vanilla to replace my phpbb of 5 years and its been great! migration and everything worked fine.

    I dont know whether its just me, but my Googlemap doesnt show up properly when the markers are clicked. the drop shadows from the popup doesn't fall in nicely... it's hard for me to explain, but please take a look for yourself...

    also, my slider's images doesnt show up properly, just blank white spaces. (so i disabled it. i'm a design perfectionist)... anybody know whats up?
  • Firebug gives Javascript error document.getElementById("GoogleMapDirectoryAddLocationLink") has no properties in map.js line 56 but i don't know if it's because of this

    offtopic: have you noticed that you have a couple of slashes in a row in your url ""
  • miquel - interesting. i went to the same URL without the slashes but its still the same.
  • one bugfix and one suggestion

    to make the plugin work with any kind of urls, mod_rewrited or default, swap lines 112 and 114 in default.php to make the block of code look like this:

    /*** Add the GoogleMapDirectory Tab ***/ if(isset($Menu)) { if($Context->Configuration['URL_BUILDING_METHOD']=='mod_rewrite'){ $Menu->AddTab($Context->Configuration['GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_TABNAME'], 'GoogleMapDirectory', GetUrl($Configuration, '', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=GoogleMapDirectory'), '',$Context->Configuration['GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_TABPOSITION']); }else{ $Menu->AddTab($Context->Configuration['GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_TABNAME'], 'GoogleMapDirectory', GetUrl($Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=GoogleMapDirectory'), '',$Context->Configuration['GOOGLEMAPDIRECTORY_TABPOSITION']); } }

    and to have "Google Map Directory Settings" link listed under "Extension Options" and not under "Options", the very last three lines should be replaced with:
    $ExtensionOptions = $Context->GetDefinition('ExtensionOptions'); $Panel->AddList($ExtensionOptions, 10); $Panel->AddListItem($ExtensionOptions, 'Google Map Directory Settings', GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'settings.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=GoogleMapDirectorySettings')); }

    p.s. dear David, please set a background at your homepage.. I broke my eyes trying to find your email or any kind of contact
  • Hi. I really like this addon.

    I run a cycling forum, and it is neat being able to add meeting points to the map so it can be linked in the forum.

    Please note it wouldn't work with a website configured as "".
    Instead, it worked as ""
  • I just installed this extension with the latest Vanilla and my 'GoogleMapDirectory' tab doesn't do anything. It just seems to take you back to the main page. Is there a config setting I'm missing?

  • I had a problem with the positioning of the map pins, and found myself a fix for it. The original discussion is here:

    I sent the details to the author but have not had any response, so I'm not sure if the author is maintaining this extension any more. What should we do in these circumstances, where the bug reports and fixes mount up, but after nearly a year no further releases have been made? Can the extension be opened up for other people to maintain, or does it need to be forked under a different name?

    -- Jason
  • Hi judgej,

    I gave up developing this any further quite some time ago. For each fix I did it felt like I got 2 more fix requests and a few complaints. I don't know how Mark keeps his head up doing open source for Vanilla on such a scale. Ultimately, this plugin works fine for me and has done for quite some time. I imagine a lot of the errors are due to differing servers, settings and other plugin combinations. I simply don't have time to work through it all and make it fully robust.

    Still if anyone wants to take it over, go for it, I'd love to see the various glitches ironed out. Not sure I have to do anything in particular to enable this?

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