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    I have a suggestion. Nothing really important, but it was bugging me since a while... It's about the "read more" tag. I don't know if many people use it, but I do - it's cleaner and allows a neat overview of all blog posts. The problem is, when you use this tag, the social bookmarking buttons become quite useless. If you click on "read more", you go directly to the comment, which is fine, but once you're there, there's no buttons anymore, and I doubt people will go back just for bookmarking from the blog tab.

    So, would there be a way to add these buttons at the bottom of blogged comments? It would also distinguish blogged comments from normal comments (oh and maybe giving a special css class to blogged comments would be nice too...)

    And yes, I know these are pretty specific and trivial suggestions, sorry :)
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    No, I've been thinking something along those lines actually. It annoys me when you click on "comments" that formatting changes from a blog to a comment. I might look into hooking into the comment grid and changing the style depending on if it is blogged :)
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    would be nice to get this extension as a plug'n'play ready thing,
    actually i get errors like; " library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php " , and " Could not select blogged status from database "

    other than that, this blogthis extension looks promising
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    Shouldn't get errors like that - works fine with a clean install here. Can you be more specific with the error to do with SQL Builder?
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    sure :)

    Notice: Undefined index: BlogThis in .../library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php on line 129 Notice: Undefined index: BlogThis in .../library/Framework/Framework.Class.SqlBuilder.php on line 263 A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred Technical information (for support personel): Error Message Could not select blogged status from database. Affected Elements undefined.undefined(); The error occurred on or near: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'as BlogThis from LUM_Comment c where c.CommentID = '49' and c. = '1'' at line 1 For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:

    - newest vanilla
    - normal blog extension disabled before
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    Check your database.conf file. I don't think the extra field has been added into there, it needs write access. I'm tempted to add redundancy to that actually.
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    at least i have no access to any database.conf file, is this file a hidden file? if yes i have to start a application to see such (a) hidden file(s).
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    I'm sorry, I meant /conf/database.php

    It adds the following line in there. A rather messy way of doing it if you ask me (surely stick a delegate in there or something..) but Mark assures me it's not too bad:

    $DatabaseColumns['Comment']['BlogThis'] = 'BlogThis';
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    Anyway to change the Blog Tab Link?

    This is what I want. Right Now the Tab Link is:

    However, what I want:
    Which allows me to FriendlyURLs to rewrite to the above extension.

    The problem is the Tab Link is hard-coded into the main menu right around line 92 of the default.php

    It uses the GetUrl Function.

    Other feature request it would be nice to customize the Tab Name along with the Friendly URL.

    On another thread, someone mentioned that they generated the .htaccess rules dynamically which people could copy and paste into. that'd be nice too.

    I really would rather have the top thing fixed. Thanks,
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    The Tab Name can be customized by editing the definitions at the top of the default.php, or by using the Page Manager extension. I guess I *could* add this into the settings page?

    $Context->SetDefinition('Blog', 'Blog');

    I agree on the Friendly URL front - please remember that a lot of the "choices" made in this code where by the coder of "Blog", which I inherited the base code from. But this problem is inherent in the way Lussumo writes friendly URLS. Get variables aren't processed at all, they are considered ancillary to the main URL.

    The simplest way to do this would be to use a Mod ReWrite, like

    RewriteRule ^$ /extension.php?PostBackAction=Blog

    That seamlessly forwards requests to the front page to the Blog. You could change it to /blog for instance. Then using Page Manager, you could alter the tabs, changing both the text from "Blog" to whatever (avoiding the need to modify the source code) and also change the URL :)
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    hmm, page manager and blogthis weren't working nicely for me at all. Basically, when I turn on PageManager, the "blog" tab goes away altogether and the Friendly URLs go away altogether too. So, i attributed this to PageManager not being nice, and I just turned it off.

    If I do your RewriteRule, the problem is the Tab keeps the same URL. Unless, I am just making a mistake or something. I don't want the blog to be the front page (yet), I want discussions to remain up front. When I get more content, then I might make the Blog the front page.
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    Duh, I forgot that you can change URL in PageManager. Thanks for the Help and the Extension.
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    I did mention you could :P

    As long as you're up and running, all is good! Whisper me a URL so I can take a look at it in action :)
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    hi this looks like it could be a really great add-on. My problem is after installing and activating your Blog This fork, all I get is the Blog button and Blog This settings. I can't find any links to promote anything to a blog page, nor is there a setting to give a URL for the blog page, and so when I click the Blog button it's an empty shell of Vanilla. I'm totally new to php and wonder am i supposed to do some of these Rewrites your talking about?
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    Looks like you've forgotten to give yourself permissions to use this extension. Have a look in the settings tab --> Roles & Permissions, then edit your role (probably Administrator.) There's a checkbox called Can blog/unblog a comment.
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    What "Ø" said :) And then next to each post you'll find a "Blog This" or "UnBlog This" text.
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    I have this problem when choose any addon with Blog This on vanilla 1.1.4
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    I just installed this and it's great, thanks.

    BlogThis is working for me perfectly, but one weird thing that I'm noticing...

    Along with BlogThis, I'm running Page Manager and Feed Publisher (Vanilla 1.1.4)... On all my new Page Manager pages I see the Feed Publisher Feed list (RSS2, Atom) but I don't see these links on the Blog page (in the left side panel).

    All that's there in the left panel is the "Start a new discussion" link and the Vanilla footer.

    I've configured the Feed Publisher categories_config.php file as you suggested, and those links show up on the other appropriate pages, just not the Blog page.

    Any idea what might be preventing the Feed Publisher links from showing up on the Blog page?

    Unfortunately I'm developing off-line so I hope I was clear enough here.

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    Yes. Feed publisher probably doesn't include "extension.php" in it's list of pages it should be adding to.
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    Inline Images don't seem to display in the blog view, though they appear correctly in the discussion view.

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