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    Uploaded version 1.5 of Notifi.
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    Upon activating this addon, I am getting a page of errors:

    Notice: Undefined index: NOTIFI_VERSION in mysiteurl/forum/extensions/Notifi/default.php on line 31

    Notice: Undefined index: NOTIFI_VERSION in mysiteurl/forum/extensions/Notifi/_includes/upgrade.php on line 2

    Notice: Undefined index: NOTIFI_VERSION in mysiteurl/forum/extensions/Notifi/_includes/upgrade.php on line 3

    Fatal error: Class 'ConfigurationManager' not found in mysiteurl/forum/extensions/Notifi/_includes/upgrade.php on line 5

    What the heck is happening??
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    I installed new version and it worked fine for me except a bug which a user just reported to me.Thanks for all the options. I just tested the one where users get repeated email even if they haven't visited the forum and it works flawlessly.

    When a new discussion is added, email doesn't include comment. It's empty. I tried to see how to correct it but I am not sure. Can you please tell me how "NotifiDiscusison()" function is called? I can't seem to find any reference which call this function. I am not sure how you call it but if you let me know then I can help you debug it for new problems as my forum uses it extensively.

    Also, I think it'd be good idea to include DiscussionTitle in every email. The reason is, when users get email with comment, they are not able to tell which discussion that comment belonged to in the email.
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    Uploaded version 1.5.1 of Notifi.
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    Ok, deleting my old comment as that problem was fixed in the release released while I was writing it. ;)

    Now it installs without a hitch, but still doesn't seem to work. I'll try to clean up the mess caused by Notify and earlier versions of Notifi and see if that helps, but I don't really understand why it doesn't work.

    This is what happens:
    After I've installed (installing works! Yay for 1.5.1) the link to subscribing appears as it should (and just like it did with the old Notify), however pressing it does nothing at all, just takes me to the front page. It looks like the JS isn't loaded or something.
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    Here are some more details:

    The following notfi.js is included in the header:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/foobar/extensions/Notifi/functions.js"></script>

    The following links are included:
    <a href="./" id="SetNotifiAll" onclick="PNotifiAll('Abonner p&aring; Foobar', 'Avsultt abonnement p&aring; Foobar'); return false;">Abonner p&aring; Foobar</a> <a href="./" id="SetNotifiCategory_3" onclick="PNotifiCategory(3,'Abonner p&aring; denne kategorien', 'Avslutt abonnement p&aring; denne kategorien'); return false;">Abonner p&aring; denne kategorien</a> <a href="./" id="SetNotifiDiscussion_115" onclick="PNotifiDiscussion(115,'Abonner p&aring; denne diskusjonen', 'Avslutt abonnement p&aring; denne diskusjonen'); return false;">Abonner p&aring; denne diskusjonen</a>
    (The &aring;s come from this being on a norwegian installation. )

    Clicking these links does seemingly nothing.
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    There will be another bugfix release within a few hours, thanks for the feedback guys, and sorry for the bugs. I'm aware that 1.5.1 doesn't fix everything but I just wanted to release something ASAP to show I am working on it and to fix some of the problems. Expect 1.5.2 very soon.
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    Sounds good. ;)

    Another thing:
    The ajax doesn't work on the config-page either (

    Which reminds me of another idea: Could you create fallbacks for people who don't use javascript? If you want help with it I can try to help out on that.

    You're doing great work!
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    Daniel, I can't reproduce the problem. I've tried with an old version of Vanilla that has had Notify and Notifi installed on it, as well as a fresh installation. Did you upload all the files, not just default.php? I changed a couple of files from 1.5.0 to 1.5.1. Also have you tried refreshing a page, or shift+refreshing? I use Firefox and sometimes it forgets to check for a new version of a JavaScript file until I very forcefully tell it to do so :p
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    To iamspammer:
    Yes you're right about the new discussion bug, I will look into that.
    NotifiDiscussion is called from the Notification page in the Account tab and only appears as an option if you have subscribed to a specific discussion. It is just the function that lets you unsubscribe from discussions via the Notification page.
    And yes I agree about the discussion title. I just threw in the comment in email feature quickly because I plan to see if I can send formatted emails instead of plaintext, then we can really customize the output, as you mentioned before in this discussion :)
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    Uploaded version 1.6 of Notifi.
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    For this version I have bypassed the usual Vanilla emailing system so I will be interested to see if it will still work for everyone, it works on the servers I tested it on anyway.
    As for the bug you mentioned Daniel, I'm still waiting to hear back from you about that so that we can get it fixed, I still haven't been able to reproduce it.
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    SubJunk: Removing the old folder completely (and all the relevant settings in /conf/) and then reinstalling fixed it. It looks like it works now.
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    Sorry it was such a hassle Daniel, I think I have fixed it so that upgrades will work now, hopefully!
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    Thanks for responding so quickly and adding the required features. Much appreciated.

    mail feature in update din't work for me. I should tell you that I am using this forum in intranet and we have our own exchange server. So, I updated my php.ini to include smtp address of that server and it worked. I am just curious as to why it din't work with default settings.

    My guess is that I had put my smtp address in vanilla settings and those din't carry over when you used php's mail function. I checked Vanill's config files and noticed that it users forum/conf/settings.php and $Configuration['SMTP_HOST'] as the smtp host. May be you want to change your extension to use that so that it'll work with hosts which specify their smtp host in settings rather than php.ini. Just a suggestion.

    Also, one last feature request.

    When a new discussion notification is sent, can you please format it like you do the normal noticaition? Not only in style but also include comments.


    EDIT: I think it'd be better if it uses those settings because I just noticed that it only users email in FROM but not the name. I noticed that your old version used SUPPORT_NAME and SUPPORT_EMAIL in the FROM field. It'd be nice to have it use those settings

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    Thanks for the feedback, I can always rely on you :)
    I will see what I can do about those 2 things you mentioned.
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    Don't hate me but there is another Feature Request. I am not sure if it's possible but want to know your opinion.

    If users decide to NOT receive notification after receiving one (even if you added that nice setting in Notification; which is being used a lot on my forum), is it possible to reset (if user selects in the settings; so not default) that next day?

    Say, today is Tuesday and user gets notification. They won't get anything after (by default). But, they decide to select NEW setting (which is not there yet :) ). So, When (and if) there is new notification on Wednesday and IF user has selected that setting, then is it possible to reset the flag and send notification? After that it'll do the same and then reset on Thursday and so on.

    I am not sure if it's possible. Even if it is, I can see extra load on forum on EVERY post.

    Lets say its possible, will you suggest using it?

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    In notification management my settings do not stay checked. I can check some of the settings then come back later to the notification management and they are unchecked.
    By the way the email is working for me with version 1.6. I do not use smtp.
    Thanks for all the work you doing on this extension. It's almost there.
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    To iamspammer:
    It would be possible to set that up with cron jobs, and no it wouldn't need to place any load on the server. A cron job is just like a scheduler with apache, you specify a time for the server to run a script, so it could just be like "if EmailDaily is true and Notified is true then set Notified to false", and set the job to run that in a while loop every day at midnight, or if they want to get the email regardless of their viewing the forum then it can be "if EmailDaily is true then set Notified to false". I'll have a look at it, I've actually never controlled cron jobs from PHP, only done it from the server itself, but I know that is how a lot of scripts manage schedules so it shouldn't be too hard.

    To garysmith:
    Do you know if the database changes were successfully made? There needs to be the following columns in the User table: SubscribeOwn, Notified, SuscribedEntireForum and KeepEmailing.
    If that was the problem, can you please tell me which version you upgraded to 1.6 from? Maybe there is something wrong with the upgrading code that I missed.

    To everyone:
    Anyway I will do some more work on the extension in the weekend I think, I am very busy with work. Also for the 2.0 release (won't be for a while yet but I have started on it) I think it will be best if I make it non-upgradeable, which I know is a huge pain in the butt but the purpose of the 2.0 release is that most of the code will be rewritten and restructured, and it would be easier to do that without worrying about supporting the old code (most of which I didn't write).
    It is possible though that I won't do it, it's just something I'm considering. If it will be an insurmountable problem for a lot of people I won't do it.
    It is also possible I can write another extension called "NotifiUpdate" to convert all the stuff from 1.x format to 2.x format, and include that to be run once before enabling Notifi 2.0.
    Anyway at this point I'm just writing notes to myself in public so I'll cut that out now :)
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    Yes those fields are in the LUM_User Table and the LUM_notifi table was also created with 4 fields. I did not upgrade. This was a fresh install. It is on our own in house apache2 server.
    I am using some other extensions, Attachement 2.1, MultiFile Upload 1.1, Panel Categories 0.3.
    Should I try and disable those and see what happens?
    Non-upgradable is fine with me as long as the settings are left alone in the database so that users will continue to be notified.
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