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    I was hoping to avoid cron job, as that will be one extra thing to manage (I already have many other jobs to manage). I was hoping that it can built in this extension. I have the logic but not sure if that will put extra load (this is what I meant). Here is my logic:

    - Notify User once
    - Check if users wants to notify even if they haven't visited forum
    - If yes then notify
    - If not, then check when was the last notification made
    - Update the notification field (through update statement), IF "Notified" is set to true AND NotifyDate (new field?) is not the same day,month and year (can be 2 days later in case there was no activity on the forum. It will be greater because time will increment if system time is used and it's not tampered with but in any case if date is different (just day, year and month))

    Confusing? I was confused t0o when I wrote this. Maybe it's making little sense :)
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    To garysmith:
    Yes it would be good if you can check if those extensions are affecting it, thanks a lot :)

    To iamspammer:
    Yes I think that's the logic I would use as well. I think it would mean one more query but not much more CPU load, but the thing is I don't know if many people would use that feature. I can see the use of a daily digest, where the user is sent a big email every day of all the things they missed (not that I am offering to develop that, but I can just see it being useful because I use that feature with some forums) but I don't see the point of seeing just one post every day. Obviously someone wants that feature or you wouldn't have suggested it, can you tell me why they want it? Under which scenario/s would they actually use it?
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    That is the default functionality of Notifi. Users receive one notification and then they don't get any until they visit notification.

    Users complained that it is a good idea that they are not cluttered with emails. But, sometimes they forget to visit the forum and don't get any emails.

    So, if there is an option (they have to select it so not to mess with default functionality) which they can use so that, they get notified once a day for EVERY day (unless of course they decide to get notification for EVERY post).

    This way even if they forget, they will get at least one notification each day.

    I hope I am clear :)

    They did request daily digest and it may be useful and i can help you there. It's just I am lot busy with college and part time work that I dont have enough time. One more reason I dont want to do it is cron job (or "scheduled tasks" in windows). we already have many on our server and I don't want these there if I can help it.


    - Adding comment for new discussion (right now it just says discussion name)
    - Formatting notification email further with the following format. You will just have to change discussion query.

    Format for new discussion

    Discussion: NAME
    Category: NAME
    Author: USER_NAME

    Format for comment

    Discussion: NAME
    Category: NAME
    Discussion Author: USER_NAME

    Comment: NEW COMMENT
    Comment Author: USER_NAME

    If you want I can try to change it and then send you the code so you can format it and fit it in your code. Let me know. I could add the code my self but I wanted to upgrade this discussion so that I can use it directly in future and keep the changes.
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    Uploaded version 1.6.1 of Notifi.
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    To iamspammer:
    As you can see, with 1.6.1 the comment is emailed even in new discussions, and the email system will now work regardless of php.ini settings.
    With regards to your email format suggestions, I really don't think that will be an improvement for me personally. Of course you are free to modify your own version however you want, or even release your own version like I did going from Notify to Notifi (you can call yours Notified, or NotIfICanMakeItBetter ;)) but seriously, thanks for the thought you are putting into this, it is very helpful.
    I also don't have interest in making the daily function you suggested, because I just don't see it being used by many people, maybe I'm blind but there is my opinion :)
    Please do not feel discouraged from posting/emailing your ideas for new things, they are always appreciated.
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    Also, just tested with Vanilla 1.1.5 RC3 and it works same as before, so doesn't look like there will be any problems when the new Vanilla arrives :)
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    Thanks. I understand. Those were just suggestions. I know how much work it is. Like I said, I am quite busy so won't be able to create new extension but could help with yours. If you need my help in future then let me.

    I installed new update and it worked. I did a few changes and am posting these here in case you think users might want these.

    Line 339. Link to the comment without HTML code as sometimes (it occurs frequently) link doesn't work. This way users can copy and paste the link
    - Context->Configuration['BASE_URL'].'comments.php?DiscussionID='.$DiscussionID.'&page='.$pageNumber.'#Item_'.$commentNo.'">Click here to view the comment on the forum or copy and paste following link in your browser, '.$DiscussionForm->Context->Configuration['BASE_URL'].'comments.php?DiscussionID='.$DiscussionID.'&page='.$pageNumber.'#Item_'.$commentNo.'

    It's just a minor change but I have seen it used often, even now.

    But, thanks for updating this extension. I had to make those changes for my forum. It just so happened that you started this extension and I just gave you ideas and used it. :):)

    EDIT: Is there a way to figure out if the discussion, that user is being notified about, is new I just wanted to put it in email to let users know if this is new discussion or not.

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    Uploaded version 1.6.2 of Notifi.
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    The way to figure out if the discussion is new or not is just checking if $CommentID is set, so if(isset($CommentID)). If it is set it is an old discussion, if it isn't set it is new. But now after further thought I have put the different emails back in anyway.
    I also put in your suggestion of having the link to copy and paste, thanks it was a good one I had overlooked.
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    Downloaded 1.6.2 and it is now working as advertised.
    Thanks for all the work on this extension.
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    Hi guys!, I'd like to remove the "Suscribe to Forum" and maybe even "Suscribe to category" options, since I think it maybe too much overhead and mails going out from the server. Which is the best way to approach to this? Thanks!
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    Updated and works like charm.

    I found another bug (depends on users). I have noticed that, notifications are also sent if users edit their post. This morning, a notification was sent 4 times because user made 3 edits after adding it.

    Users were all over me asking why they are getting repetitive emails. I then compared the emails (forwarded by them) and found the edits. Users gave few suggestions:

    - Do not send notification on edit; just new discussion and new comment
    - Make a user option (OFF by default) to get UPDATE notifications in case of edit

    In any case, I am not sure how we can check if this is an EDIT or new discussion/comment. Any idea how that can be detected? May be the easy option is to turn it off at the moment.

    Thanks again for responding and providing the fix so quickly. Much appreciated
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    To garysmith:
    Thanks for the feedback mate, I'm glad it's working now :)

    To chitoso:
    Thanks for reminding me, I need to make a UI for this. But for now it will work if you download your conf/settings.php file (important: make sure you are editing the version from the server, it is a file that has changed since you installed Vanilla and you need the current version or you will lose settings) and you will see these three lines:
    $Configuration['NOTIFI_ALLOW_ALL'] = '1';
    $Configuration['NOTIFI_ALLOW_DISCUSSION'] = '1';
    $Configuration['NOTIFI_ALLOW_CATEGORY'] = '1';
    Change the 0s to 1s where applicable. So if you change "ALL" to 0, it removes the ability to subscribe to the whole forum, and "CATEGORY" the ability to subscribe to whole categories. So you want it to look like this:
    $Configuration['NOTIFI_ALLOW_ALL'] = '0';
    $Configuration['NOTIFI_ALLOW_DISCUSSION'] = '1';
    $Configuration['NOTIFI_ALLOW_CATEGORY'] = '0';
    Sorry for the messy way of doing it.

    To iamspammer:
    Yes that is a good point, it isn't a bug but it is something to think about. I will have a think and a look at the code and get back to you on that one mate.
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    SubJunk, take a look at the SetList extension, it will help you ;)
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    Looks great miquel, I'll check it out, thanks :)
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    Uploaded version 1.7 of Notifi.
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    To miquel:
    That extension looks cool but I didn't use it this time, instead I just copied code from another extension and modified it, always works like a charm ;) Maybe I will try SetList in the future.

    To iamspammer:
    It no longer sends emails for edits, just new posts as requested. Good idea.

    To chitoso:
    With version 1.7 you can change those settings with checkboxes instead of editing the code ;) Sorry for the inconvenience, I really don't know how I forgot to do that before now :)
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    You responded as quick as always. Updated and worked like charm.

    Thanks. Much Much appreciated.
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    Happy to help mate :)
    Now my main priorities with this extension are to make it faster loading and compatible with Low-Cal Vanilla. I started looking closely at Low-Cal Vanilla today and I will keep doing so to find out what's getting mucked up. I've also emailed the author of that extension in the hopes that 2 heads will be better than 1 :)
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    Version number changed from 1.7 to 1.7.1.
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