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Vanilla 2.0.18 (beta 2) is now available

This discussion is related to the Vanilla addon.
TimTim Operations Vanilla Staff
edited June 2011 in Releases
Vanilla 2.0.18b2 is now available!

Beta Version?

We've been working hard on the latest point release of Vanilla and the new version is right around the corner.

In the past we've always just released versions and fixed late-breaking bugs with quick patches. This time we've decided to do a beta release to help get the bugs fixed in a more controlled way.

In order for the beta release to be successful though we need your help with testing. We've been running this code on a lot of our hosted sites for nearly a month now, but we know that additional issues always crop up when the release goes out into the wild.

Here is what we need.
  1. Try out this version on your site. If you are planning on upgrading then give the beta a try. This is the best way to make sure that we don't miss anything.
  2. Use the issue tracker. Github has recently done an amazing job overhauling their issue tracker. It has really helped us manage the issues and schedule them to a particular release.
Download it from the addon site!

This is a feature-filled release which also contains a ton of bugfixes for issues in the 2.0.17 family.

New Features

  1. Moderation Tools! Vanilla received some brand new, much needed tools for managing discussions (merge/split) and users (community reporting, user infractions).
  2. Improved Bans! Vanilla now supports a proper ban list, with Name, Email and even IP bans.
  3. Edit/Delete Log! Moderators/Admins can now review post edits and even deletions. This is especially useful when dealing with disputes or punishment.
  4. Inform Messages! Snazzy new growl-like popup information boxes have replaced most of the old form feedback messages. Watch out for them in the bottom left of your screen!

Bug Fixes / Changes

  1. Fixed bug #947 - Split/Merge plugin permissions awry?
  2. Fixed bug #939 - Theme preview broken in 2.0.18b1
  3. Fixed bug #938 - Paging not working when 'don't use categories' is checked
  4. Fixed bug #936 - Relaxed category URL character restrictions
  5. ... and 8 other issues

Build History

  • 2.0.18b1 - Added moderation, bans, logging. Fixed 50+ bugs.
  • 2.0.18b2 - Fixed 12 bugs.

Reporting Issues


Please report all issues on the GitHub Issue Tracker. Remember to do a quick search through the issues to make sure your issue has not already been added or resolved.

Keeping track of new releases

You can follow our releases by pointing your favorite RSS reader at:
This feed will automatically update whenever we release a new version of Vanilla Core.

Troubleshooting the Vanilla 2 Installation

If you run into any issues during the installation, you may see the "Bonk" error screen. In order to get past this screen, you can add the following line to your conf/config.php file:
$Configuration['Garden']['Debug'] = TRUE;

This will show you a more detailed screen of information about the actual problem you've encountered. Please include this information when reporting issues (copy & paste exact errors, please).

Upgrading Vanilla 2.0 Forums

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Back up all of your existing files.
  3. Unarchive the new files and copy them over your existing files. Make sure that your hidden files (ie .htaccess) are copied to your server.
  4. Make sure the conf/config.php from your old version has been copied over to the new version.
  5. Delete all *.ini files in your cache/ folder
  6. Navigate to the page in your forum that updates your database: (or
  7. Visit your forum and test away!
For more help with upgrading, check out the Upgrade Documentation and the Upgrading Tips and Tricks thread.

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