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Vanilla 2.1b1 Released

This discussion is related to the Vanilla addon.
ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
edited April 2013 in Releases

I'm pleased to announce that we are beginning our release cycle of Vanilla 2.1, starting with beta 1. Since this is not the final release you will have to download it from it's direct link here.

Please help with Vanilla's 2.1 release.

This beta release is here so that the community can help us get Vanilla ready to release 2.1. Please keep this in mind when downloading it. Please do not download this release if you do not have some experience using Vanilla. You may have the best intentions, but you will be hindering, not helping the testing process.

Report issues on Github, not here.

We really want you to report issues on our github issues page. If you don't have a github account please get one. It's an excellent tool and you will benefit from being a part of it. If you really don't want to get a github account then just cross your fingers that someone else finds your issue.

A couple of points.

Turning debug on will really help with testing. To do this add the following to your config.php file:

$Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE;

Vanilla 2.1 has new feature that will combine your css files into one file and minify them. This is potentially a great feature that will give a real speed boost to a lot of communities. This feature is somewhat experimental though so we've made it an opt-in feature. To turn on this feature add the following to your config.php file:

$Configuration['Garden']['CombineAssets'] = TRUE;

Vanilla 2.1 on Github

I've created a branch on github called 2.1. This branch will contain all future 2.1* versions from now until the far future. If you want to keep up with 2.1 or submit a fix for 2.1 in particular then this is the branch you want to be working on. Keeping a branch separate like this means that we can just fix bugs and not introduce new bugs.

Why did this release take so long?

Vanilla has been growing like crazy and we've had the opportunity to host some amazing, massive communities. This can only benefit the open source version of Vanilla. It's also made us overwhelmingly busy at times. This release represents a longer time-frame than we'd like to have between releases. Most likely the next release will be sooner, but have less changed than Vanilla 2.1.

How long will this beta process take?

How long Vanilla 2.1 takes to have it's final release depends on how much help we get with its issues. If we get a lot of people testing then we can have more confidence that Vanilla 2.1 works on all those strange web hosts out there.



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