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IPB 3.4.5 to Vanilla 2.1 - No Posts

This discussion is related to the Vanilla Porter addon.


I am in the process of moving from IPB 3.4.5 to Vanilla 2.1. I ran through the process and everything appeared fine until I ran across an error that is preventing me from exporting Posts:

select t.*, case when t.description <> '' and is not null then concat('<div class="IPBDescription">', t.description, '</div>', when t.description <> '' then t.description else end as post, case when t.state = 'closed' then 1 else 0 end as closed, 'IPB' as Format, p.ip_address, p.edit_time , from_unixtime(start_date) as start_date_Date, from_unixtime(edit_time) as edit_time_Date from topics t left join posts p on t.topic_firstpost = where t.tid between -2000000000 and 2000000000;Unknown column 't.description' in 'field list'

Notice: Unknown column 't.description' in 'field list' in /home/mortal7/public_html/ on line 1308

Has anyone seen this before?


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