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CRITICAL: Vanilla 2.1.8 released



  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... Moderator

    Well the issue appears to be: 'Post Discussion' missing after upgrade?

  • Thanks for the info on the file type David. Clearly I'm missing something. When I use wget I end up with:

    [email protected]:~/play$ wget
    --2015-01-25 12:22:27--
    Resolving (
    Connecting to (||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    Length: unspecified [text/html]
    Saving to: ‘’

    [  <=>                                                                                 ] 49,922       135KB/s   in 0.4s

    2015-01-25 12:22:29 (135 KB/s) - ‘’ saved [49922]

    [email protected]:~/play$ ls -l
    total 52
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 mike mike 49922 Jan 25 12:22
    [email protected]:~/play$ unzip van*
    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not
    a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the
    latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on
    the last disk(s) of this archive.
    unzip: cannot find zipfile directory in one of or, and cannot find, period.
    [email protected]:~/play$

  • After my 2.1.8 upgrade (from, everyone's pictures are now showing up as broken links. Screenshot: Can anyone point me to a fix for this? Or is the only way to get them back asking forum members to re-upload them? Thanks!

  • @adrial79 Have you changed the location of your uploads directory and could you check what the src attribute of the image points to? (something like right click, "Copy Image URL")

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  • Ah yes, good idea. :) I looked in the folder and all the images didn't make the transfer. Luckily I had a backup and am re-populating everything. Looks to be working. Thanks!

  • @otyugh I downloaded it through the browser, without issue. Go to the message at the head of this discussion, and click on the link supplied there. That takes you to a page with a button called "Download Now," which will get you the zip file.

  • @morepotatoes‌ , I also just experienced the same issue as you, where after going through the update process, my discussions table was totally deleted. I also had the same errors where I needed to delete the index on UX_Tag. After re-running the update script, everything was updated, but my discussions were gone. In their place was the default discussion that shows up on a new installation. Luckily I was able to revert to a server backup, but now I am back at 2.0.18. Did you ever manage to upgrade and also resolve this issue? I'm hesitant to try this upgrade again, and hoping someone else with this issue has found a solution. Thanks!

  • BleistivtBleistivt MVP
    edited January 2015

    @carmolio That really surprises me, there is nothing in the structure update that would truncate/drop a table.

    Would you mind sharing the structure of your old discussions table and what plugins you have installed?

    My themes: pure | minusbaseline - My plugins: CSSedit | HTMLedit | InfiniteScroll | BirthdayModule | [all] - PM me about customizations

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    edited January 2015

    @carmolio I would be extremely keen to have a dump of your database emailed to me. Structure-only is fine if you don't want to share the contents. That is a terrifying issue that should never happen.

  • luasoftluasoft New
    edited January 2015

    hi, i have installed version 2.1.8p2 with $Configuration['Debug'] = TRUE; in config.php

    i got this bug after I open a discussion from My Drafts:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in .../applications/vanilla/controllers/class.postcontroller.php on line 109

    what's wrong?

  • Chalipa, I got the same error the first time. However, I did it one more time and it worked. O.o

  • @Linc & @Bleistivt - I just duplicated my website onto a private server where I intend to try the upgrading process again. I'm going to pay much closer attention to what I do on each step this round so I can help troubleshoot a little more. I did make one rookie mistake before in that I did not disable my plugins before trying the update. However, since I now have a non-public playground, I will try replicate what I did before to see if my discussions table gets wiped out again. If I end up replicating the same errors then I would be happy to email over DB dump.

  • Wow, I'm kind of dumb.

    I've just performed repeat installations of the new update. I installed, reverted, and installed again. I have good news concerning my issue with the truncated discussions table. Mainly, I figured out what I was doing wrong (yes, it's my fault), but I was also able to get the update working great.

    Before I started, I made sure to download the newest update copy, vanilla-core-2.1.8p2. In my previous update attempt I was using vanilla-core-2.1.8p1. I'm not sure if that makes any difference, but it's worth noting.

    So, the truncating errors - and probably all errors - were caused by a mistake on my end. While it's a bit embarrassing, I'll still share my experience so that nobody repeats what I did. Basically, this was my first time updating my forums, and I misinterpreted the instructions. I made a bad assumption based on an old habit learned from performing manual updates of older Wordpress sites (old 2.0+ versions, hosted on private internal servers where the automatic updates didn't always work). In those manual updates, there would occasionally be times when the newer version of Wordpress would slightly change the format of the config file - so I would move my database and site settings over manually before uploading and call it a day.

    That's what broke my forums update.

    The instructions clearly don't ask you to do that, so like I said, the only reason I can think that I did that is because it's an old habit.

    Anyway, for anyone curious, here's what happens when I try and visit /index.php?p=/utility/update after uploading the update with a manually updated config file

    1. It redirects to dashboard/setup (which I dumbly assumed might be intentional to force an update on the forums and admin account - again - first time updating)
    2. The first error after re-entering my admin info is the GDN_Tag issue that other users mentioned. The suggested fix for that is removing the index named UX_Tag from GDN_Tag table, and then rerunning the update url - which works.
    3. The next error is the FK_Comment_DiscussionID that others also mentioned. When I see this, the discussion table get's truncated.
    4. After that, if I run the update url again (as suggested to solve those issues), I get redirected to the homepage of the forums, with all discussions truncated but the new update is applied (with whatever credentials are supplied for the new admin account). The site works, accounts are still there, users are still there. Only discussions are truncated.

    Now, it's important to note that if I upload the new update without making any changes to the config file, the update runs perfectly.

    So.... yeah... totally my fault on this one. May we all learn from my mistakes and continue to read instructions literally. Hopefully this information is helpful to someone.

  • btw, I LOL to my own post.

  • defilordefilor New
    edited February 2015

    Guys, I am having some issues with the update process as well... any help would be appreciated. I have been running 2.0.18.x and had a good look at all the instructions floating around, including the troubleshooting guide before I started. After running the /utility/update it actually said success, which was nice.

    However, when I browsed to the site and tried to log in Chrome tells me to "try again", while it does give me the menu so I can go to "discussions" manually and see all the threads, but as soon as I click on any thread it goes to a blank page...

    When using Firefox the browser tells me "Error: damaged content" or sth like that (don't know the precise terminology they used to translate into German), but when I use the "back" button I get to the login screen again and get the "discussions" link as well which gets me to where I want to be. But still I cannot access any thread, Firefox won't even try to open anything after I click on it. I can get to all the pages (profile etc), but that's it, can't get to the core, an actual discussion thread.

    I had all plugins disabled, have deleted all the old obsolete ones, double checked my config.php, enabled the debugger which only tells me to "re-index the plugin/theme cache", which I found out is irrelevant. Creating a new thread works, but I cannot access it afterwards either.

    I'm just running this forum to keep in touch with a bunch of friends and don't know much about code, so if there is anything extremely dumb I may have done accidentally please be gentle... ;)

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    edited February 2015
    • Clear *.ini files from the cache folder.
    • Are you using the default theme?
    • Did you accidentally overwrite a custom .htaccess file? (Are you running Apache?)
    • Try re-uploading your new copy of Vanilla, and confirm all the files properly replaced.
    • See if you still have a file at /applications/dashboard/views/default.master.php (noting the PHP file extension). If so, delete it. It's been replaced by default.master.tpl.
  • All ini files had been cleared, browser cache as well, default theme was set, did delete the php file as well, triple checked. :) I am running the forum on my QNAP, so I do any changes in the live environment while doing backups before major changes. Replaced the new .htaccess with the backed up version, no change... when hovering above the links to the individual threads I don't even get the browser preview of the link, whereas it works fine on the profile pages for example. I will try to replace the config.php entirely with the old version bar the plugins to see what happens...

    Reinstall entire forum? Would let me keep the database, right?

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff

    Reinstalling doesn't do anything but overwrite your config.php file; there's no magic happening there. I guess it wouldn't hurt if you have everything backed up, but I'd go full-monty and delete the entire file structure and reupload the new one fresh with a new copy of your plugins & themes if you're doing that.

  • Thanks, will give it a try and report back... greetings to the "D"! ;)

  • defilordefilor New
    edited February 2015

    Ok, I did some further investigating and found that vanilla duplicates the port numbers in the links that don't work, so its "xxxx:8082:8082". I found this: - I am assuming this hasn't been backported to 2.1.8p2? Can I fix this manually?

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff
    edited February 2015
  • defilordefilor New
    edited February 2015

    Hm, tried it several times, even copied the whole classRequest.php from GitHub, but I couldn't get it to work... :/ went back to the file from 2.1.8p2 to make it work again, but that of course doesn't solve my original issue. Any idea when the 2.2 branch will be out? Matter of weeks or months?

    Anyway, I will likely try to fiddle with it some more with my basic knowledge, but have had enough for today.

    Thank you for your support, Linc! Do you think this is also what's causing the funky login problems?

  • LincLinc Director of Development Detroit Vanilla Staff

    I'd imagine a nonstandard port could be causing just about any issue, yes. Probably more like months til 2.2 is ready.

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