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Member List

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I have just tonight started developing an extension which basically adds a member list page to the forum, like on many other forum systems I suppose. It's just sort of a test to see if I can do it really but if anyone wants it then I can release it. Anyway, it's my first extension so it's not as easy for me as it probably would be for lots of people here but I'm giving it a shot. If someone is already developing one / already made one then let me know and I will stop. I checked the addons db and there doesn't seem to be any there. As long as everything goes to plan I should be able to release it pretty soon, I'm having a few problems at the minute but I'll give the documentation and the sources another look at and see if that helps.


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    This is pretty much one: But I'll be interesed in seeing what you come up with.
  • I know about that, mine will be more of a detailed list though, this is what I originally had planned out: +--------------------------------------------------------------+ | Username | Email | Posts | Registered | More Info | +--------------------------------------------------------------+ Obviously it would have to check if the user wanted their email to be listed, and More Info would be linked to their actual profile.
  • That sounds great :)
  • BentotBentot New
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    Yeah Joe! I'm anxious to use this feature. Sounds great! Keep going dude :) Oh yeah, how about adding the users thumbnail on your menu?
  • Perhaps a CSV/Excel output may be possible as well, it can't be much more different to implement than displaying it in a table.

  • I'd really love to see this as well, I hate having to add discussions and comments to see who has the most posts on my board. =o) I wish you luck!
  • Glad to hear that some people want it then. I have got the main bit done, it lists the members in a table, I'm having a bit of trouble with the styling, was wondering if anyone can help. Username: test Password: test If you log in there and go to the members page (tab) you will see the problem. In FF the members heading on the main bit is sort of nearly at the right. If you view it in IE then it is even worse. There seems to be a problem with using tables so the table is halfway down the page and the heading is on the very far right. I don't know what I'm doing wrong... Oh and I'm looking into the user thumbnails and CVS output, I'll get the main bit finished first and then add them if I can.
  • Hey Joe I just took a looky and it looks pretty nice to me. Yes the word Members is right-aligned but the table is sitting nicely about 3 lines underneath it. BTW - Using WinXP and IE
  • Hi, Thanks for the comments, I have made a few screenshots to explain what I mean. In Firefox it looks like this: In IE it looks like this: Ideally I want it to look (something) like this: Any input?
  • Joe, I am looking forward for this... it is exactly what I need. I do hope that you will have an option to include the First/Last name? I really need that. Thanks again!
  • I totally love that you could just run blank search on users so actually no list of users is needed.
  • Joe
    How are you positioning your text and table - using CSS or just tables? Forgive me if that's a dumb question - I can't program at all but am pretty good at HTML coding.

    If you are using HTML code for positioning (or if you can) - you could put the title and the table in a simple one-column/ two-row table (title in one row and table in the other) and that should keep it where you want it. By default everything would then also be left aligned. That would not mean adding a whole lot of extra code to your output statements. Only attributes the main table would need would be a border=0 to hide it.
  • Hi, rubio - I have added a setting which allows you to change whether the users real name is shown. It checks to see if the user wants their name to be shown too. Tovio - I was originally going to use that to grab all the users but I thought it might be taken out in later versions so I am using the SQL Builder instead :). Donzas - Sorry I don't quite get your idea at the minute, I have uploaded a sample of the HTML my code outputs, maybe that will shed some light? (in IE you have to refresh for it to show up properly...)
  • Thank you! Much hugs to you Joe *hugs*
  • Here's what I meant - <table border=1> <tr> <td>MEMBERS</td> </tr><tr> <td> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" id="membertable" border=1> <tr class="top"> <td>Real Name</td> <td>Email</td> <td>Posts</td> <td>Registered</td> <td>Role</td> <td> </td> </tr><tr> <td>admin</td> <td>Administrative User</td> <td></td> <td class="smallcell">5</td> <td class="medcell">2006-07-21 12:30:04</td> <td class="medcell">Administrator</td> <td class="medcell"><a href="account.php?u=1">More Information...</a></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> </table> set the border=1 to border=0 on the main table once you see how it is set up.
  • rubio - Errm, thanks? :p Donzas - Thanks; that works. I get what you mean now. I probably should be avoiding using tables for stuff like that but it will have to do for now. Thanks again :). I am going on holiday early Wed. so I want to get a release out hopefully tomorrow. I'll do a bit of bug checking and will try to implement Icons / CVS tonight and tomorrow.
  • This is progressing very nicely. Good work. =o)
  • Joe your table is nice. May I suggest that the "more information" can be excluded because the usernames are clickable to show the member's details anyway. What do you think? This will shorten the width of the table.
  • Hi, Bentot - Good idea. Done :).
  • I've released version 1, I am probably here just about all day now so if any problems come up I will do my best to fix them.
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