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  • thats it thanks :)
  • as phades asked "Is there a way to turn the avatars off? Other than that, I love this, great work. =o)" .. based on theme. so one theme could switch these [on] and the other [off]
  • JoeJoe
    edited August 2006
    I got back last night, and I have done some work on the member page extension. Version 1.2 has been released. Changelog: - Added support for friendly URLs - Allow you to configure whether user icons should be shown (sorry Toivo - not theme based yet...) - Allow you to configure if a visit count cell should be shown - Fixed the to-do list clash The only thing (I think) I didn't manage to fix was the clash with the polling system. I couldn't get the poll management to work on my system, so I couldn't reproduce the error and because of that - I couldn't fix it. I will try to install the poll manager again, a new version will be released when I fix it. And if anyone finds any more bugs or has any features they would like to be added, please just let me know.
  • I just downloaded and it seems to be working fine. Thanks. I still have my banner problem, but I guess I need to learn more about positioning control. I copied the lussumo banner script and only changed the menu items. It seems to work fine except for your extension and the to-do extension. When I click on either of those tabs, the page displays fine, but my banner is gone. I would think it has something to do with rendering and the line in the banner extension: $Page->AddRenderControl($LussumoBanner, $Configuration["CONTROL_POSITION_HEAD"]+1); Does something need to be adjusted in the banner script?
  • Joe, can you please also add, a delete field ?
  • jimw - Sorry I can't help you with that. Maybe if you put the full code somewhere I (or someone else) might be able to help? I imagine it is something in the banner script.

    nvictor - How do you mean? Like a delete button that appears only to members who have permission to delete users? This should be done pretty quickly by installing the delete user extension ( clicking on the user in the members list and clicking delete. Unfortunately I tried it out and the delete user works but returns lots of errors. I don't know how well it worked...
  • Joe... The Visit Count and Real Name field are awesome! Thanks dude.
  • edited August 2006
    Is it possible to add some colums to the list? I'd like to see some information added through the 'Predefined User-Attributes Extension'.
  • Ouch. Erm, well I suppose it is possible, I'll look into how the predefined attributes are inserted into the database and see what I can do to get it in to the new version. Thanks for the idea :).
  • Linking it to Predefined Attributes would be fab!
  • Is there any way that I can trim the time off the date in the registered column? Thanks
  • JoeJoe
    edited September 2006
    I'll sort it for you. Give me 30 mins?

    EDIT: Much quicker than I thought. Version 1.2.1 released. I have just realised how extremely messy the code is. I'm going to think about a version 2 soon.
  • How would we go about listing the page by alpha?
  • How would we go about listing the page by alpha?
    Sorry, I don't understand mate.
  • As in... right now its being listed by user number, I believe. how can we have it so its in alphabetical order?
  • Anyone? : )
  • Sorry mate, didn't realise you'd replied. Sorry I can't release a new version at the minute, but it is quite a simple hack. Under line 65:

    $sql->AddSelect(array ...
    add the following line:

    $sql->AddGroupBy('Name', 'u');
    And save. This should work. Let me know if it doesn't. And I will release a new version soon.

  • @ Joe: Will v2 integrate with predefined attributes? Would be very useful indeed!
  • I can always try mate.
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