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  • Dinoboff i read it and still doesn't get it. Is PageManager the extension to Add categories? Someone said "if you just resync tabs in PageManager the tabs will appear." What does he mean by resync? Sorry for my ignorance :) Thanks in advance
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    blizehs problem is fixed it was an issue with the friendly urls. The tables a bit unformatted though...?
  • blizeHblizeH ✭✭
    <3 ty Mini
  • Also the links link to /extension/account.php?u=N which doesnt work with friendly urls.
  • Joe, thank you for making this! It's working great after I "resynced tabs". Only thing is, how can I display the user's Full Name? Or is this not built into it yet?
  • Nevermind my last comment... found an option in default.php // Adds a cell in the table for the users real name. 1 for on and 0 for off. $eMembersConfig['NameCell'] = '1'; Thank you :)
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    What do you mean by resynced tabs"? How do you do this? rubio wrote "Joe, thank you for making this! It's working great after I "resynced tabs"."
  • Bentot, the resync tabs thing is only necessary if you are using the page manager extension, which can be found in the page manager options... there seems to be some kind of conflict with it.
  • rubio thanks for helping... Yes I see the Members tab if I disable Page Management but what if I want it enabled? what's the step to "resync tabs?" I'm in the Page Management section and I don't see any procedure for syncing tabs. sorry Thanks in advance
  • Settings -> Page Management -> Bottom right "Resync Tabs" Is it there? I see it in mine...
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    I don't see the "Resync Tabs" in mine :( hmmm I'm using Page Management 2.2
  • rubio, I was using an older version of Page Management. I updated it to 2.3 and I see the "resync tabs" now and I see the members tab after syncing. Thanks for pointing this out dude. cheers
  • Joe, May I request an additional field/column "Visit Count" ?
  • That problem with the To-Do List and Member List extension is bizarre. I also have another problem with a Banner I added at the top. It appears correctly for all the tabs I allowed it for, except it doesn't appear for the To-Do or Members tabs. This causes the Sign In / Sign Out link to be inter-mingled with the tabs. Could this be my problem with the Banner or something else?
  • So many bugs! I'm currently in Greece so I can't actually do anything about fixing them. phaded - I will add an option to turn user icons off when I get back. That shouldn't be too bad. I will look into the member list / polls issue ASAP. trafik - No the script doesn't require any expertise to install, you may have to edit a file if you want to change any options but it is only changing 0s to 1s and vice versa. Donza - The to do list clash is also at the top of my list. Minisweeper - I will add support for friendly URLs when I get back. Bentot - Visit count feature will also be added jimw - I don't know about the banner, but if it's happening on all the extensions you use which make use of extension.php (ie mine, to do list) it may be a problem with the coding? Sorry I am doing this as quickly as I can so if I have missed anyone out please bear with me. I will have a better look when I get back, as well as do a lot of bug fixing it seems :). - Joe
  • Joe, Enjoy your vacation buddy.
  • Poor joe, I am really sorry for him, it might be so hot...
  • It's hot enough here, I can only imagine what it's like over there. =o(
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    thanks for you're great work :)

    it looks nice, works and i think a can learn from it and can build my first own extension on the base of MemberList, thank a lot!
    a cosmetical thing i changed (after a german translation) is the url of the MemberList Page to users/ and added this line to my .htacces:

    RewriteRule ^users/?$ extension.php?PostBackAction=Members [QSA,L]

    So it has a friendly url, too :)

    oh i mentioned acciedently that an applicant has the role administrator in the memberslist.

    there is another little thing i figured out. the line 87:
    $toreturn .= '<a href="account.php?u='.$rows['UserID'].'">'.$rows['Name'].'</a></td>';
    is not that good, because on my forum it creates links like
    I wanted to change that into:
    $toreturn .= '<a href="'.$Configuration['WEB_ROOT'].'account/'.$rows['UserID'].'/">'.$rows['Name'].'</a></td>';
    but then there is the Notice: Undefined variable: Configuration. why?

    have a nice day blueonyx
  • try $toreturn .= '<a href="'.$Context->Configuration['WEB_ROOT'].'account/'.$rows['UserID'].'/">'.$rows['Name'].'</a></td>';
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