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Preview release: 2.4 beta

LincLinc Vanilla's Bard (and Lead Developer)Detroit Vanilla Staff
edited January 31 in Releases

Major new features:

  • Dashboard redesigned from the ground up.
  • Added "Flat categories" - a new Vanilla-exclusive feature.
  • Full IPv6 support.
  • Support for Twitter cards.
  • OAuth 2.0 basic addon support.

We also made hundreds of enhancements and fixes over the last 9 months.

Here's a few highlights of what's been upgraded under the hood:

  • Rebuilt our category management system to scale to tens of thousands of categories.
  • Rebuilt our permissions system to scale to thousands of custom permissions.
  • Dependencies rebuilt using Composer. (We are removing /library/vendors/* by 2.5.)
  • Major overhauls to the addon manager and dispatcher. Faster and easier to use.
  • Tagging and the MediaModel were added to core.
  • Upgraded PHPMailer and Smarty (from 2.0 to 3.1!).
  • Refactored our password management into separate dependencies.
  • Move transient key checking to cookies.
  • Replace "Hide Category" with "Mute Category" option (that only hides from Recent Discussions).

Important warnings for developers & site owners:

  • Smarty 3.1 can be more strict. It may generate an error on invalid markup that Smarty 2.0 would have let slide.
  • The new addon caching system means you need to manually delete /cache/* when changing what themes or plugins are available on your site. We are working on a better way of handling this, hopefully before final release.
  • The new categories system may have unexpected results in page layout if you didn't specify a "Display As" setting for all your categories. If your homepage has weird issues, try editing your categories and checking this setting.
  • Plugins with settings pages need to be updated for the new Dashboard. They're gonna look real bad until then.
  • UPDATE: You need to delete these: applications/vanilla/controllers/class.settingscontroller.php and applications/vanilla/views/settings (entire folder). Symptom will be the new dashboard not working correctly. (And high five to @R_J for catching this in the comments below).

Release timeline estimate:

March or April 2017.

Other announcements:

Vanilla 2.5 is expected in late 2017. It will require PHP 5.6 and will include a new internal API.



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