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Vanilla Community NEW STYLES CONTEST! (cash prize!) Ends October 1st



  • then the question is what kind of style do you need and it will be done
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    I'm up for this, and infact created one today, however, the uploader is limited to 100kb. my style is around 140 including the altered header image (around 77k alone). Any chance of increasing the cap a lil bit ? Edit: never mind, nerfed the images a bit. not so smooth but still work.
  • @redux : have you tried zipping and uploading it?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I can increase that if people need.
  • alnokta: yeah I tried zip and rar but there was the 1 header image file that was 77k on its own. I nuked it down to 2k. Its all good now. Anyways to the topic. I have uploaded BlackDiamond, my first style for vanilla. I'll be adding at least 1 more style, possibly more (depends how early I wake up). Oh, do all styles count as 1 entry or are they rated individually ? Just curious. p.s. a 200k limit should be plenty for a style. Some graphics can get quite large, depending on format and complexity. Of course some of the less efficient formats are sometimes required for colour continuity.(as we know, IE and Mozzy do tend to render slightly differently, especially when trying to match a hex colour with a jpeg title image for example)
  • Oh, do all styles count as 1 entry or are they rated individually ? Just curious.

    They'll be rated individually. No averaging of awesomeness. :-)

    Mark: If you could bump that upload size, that would be great. Thanks!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Okay, increased to 200k.
  • Sounds interesting, always wanted to create a custom theme/style for vanilla. The thing that held me back were the numerous tweaks I had to make to a fresh install to make things work properly. Haven't checked the forums for a while, waiting for a next version. But I see 1.0.1 is out now, so I'll give it another try. And if it all works nice out of the box I may just start working on a theme and/or style too. :)
  • may i ask, if i made a theme, but it isn't made by divs, would it still be allowed to be put into the themes directory even if it didn't meet the requirements of this competition?

    i'm thinking of finishing/fixing this theme and publically releasing it...

  • There's my donation :)
  • Nice one Vincent :O Makes Vanilla look completely different! That's the way uhu uhu we like it! :)
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    i might as well finish it then :)

    it won't be able to go into the contest because of it accommodating the add-ons but i'll give it my best
  • As per the thread purpose number 2) Brag:
    Completed and uploaded 2 new styles for the default Vanilla theme.
    The first is BlackDiamond, have a look, its purdy.
    The second is PurpleHaze requested by my missus. Its somewhat girly being purple n all.
    The second integrates the included css files in BlackDiamond as overrides within the 1 original stylesheet for the most common extensions (quotes and attachments/images).

    I may have a bash at a theme next, If I give up on that, then another style may be incoming.
    Either way, theres more ;)
  • Another thing, with the themes, does the theme have to be suitable for 800x600pixel screens? i can include a small tutorial how to have a one columned forum with only that size, but it wouldn't include the panel. Otherwise a 1024x786 pixel screen would make my theme fit perfectly.
  • @Vincent : your theme looks very nice ... and yes .. if you can make it look good in 800x600 would be great ... shouldn't the forum resize itself according to the user resolution?
  • That's the problem... it resizes itself and the background gets stuffed up... though i'm working on it so it doesn't so hopefully i'll get it to be 800x600
  • Awesome work sofar, folks. Keep up that effort!

  • Oh, and a reminder: Just under two weeks (14 days) left! Good luck!
  • Should have figured out how to do a theme by then, er, I hope :x

    inspiration, neeeed inspiration *panic*
  • Styles > Themes :X
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