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Vanilla Community NEW STYLES CONTEST! (cash prize!) Ends October 1st



  • The Vanilla community is a much better place thanks to all of your efforts.

    That's right, it TOTALLY is. Now we've got a foundation of good styles and a few themes to build from. So even if some new guy with no coding experience wants something unique for her site, she can pick up and make a few small changes to one of the existing themes to really make her community shine.

    Make sure you installed the Tabled theme in its own "Theme Folder", and then Vanilla Ocean in a folder underneath it. Then:

    You have to go to Settings, Themes and Styles, and choose the Theme of "Tabled", then the style of "Vanilla Ocean".

    The trick is, once you hit save, your CSS (and EVERYONE else's in your community) will be fried. You have to go to your Account settings and change your style sheet to Vanilla Ocean as well, otherwise you'll get the effects you described.

    Also, you'll get those effects you described if you simply make available the Vanilla Ocean theme, but haven't gone to "Settings-->Themes and Styles" to make the Tabled theme your new community default theme. You can only have one theme or ther other for your community: It's impossible to have some people using Vanilla Ocean, others using VaneaBlack, for example.

    Hope that helps.

  • I think my next extension will give Vanilla better theming /styling support. I can make the theme path a user variable instead of fixed configuration setting. This way people can use different themes on their site :) Also, I'll introduce a theme which seperates HTML from php, for easy-templating :)
  • NickENickE New
    edited October 2006
    No love for YH Beta or Scene?

    But congrats jazzman and redux for winning the prizes, that Vanilla Ocean is really stylish.
  • Congratulations Jazzman. Congratulations babe(ReDuX). I had no doubt in your talents or abilities, but it's good to see others see the same. To everyone who entered, I'm glad I wasn't the judge. There is a lot of talent in this community.
  • Congratulations Jazzman, and redux!
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I can make the theme path a user variable instead of fixed configuration setting.

    Beware of this, Jazzman - That was how I originally had it set up, and I quickly realized that when you throw extensions into the mix (most of which are designed for specific themes), a lot of stuff breaks.

    And congrats to everyone.

    This contest got me thinking about a contest I'd like to run for extensions (as andy hinted at). But I'd like the judges to be the users. I'm thinking of a Christmas-time contest. We'll see if I can get some time by then to set it up.
  • Thank you very much. PurpleHaze was a request of my girlfriend, well, "make a purple one!" was the phrase used. I still have a few more to make yet (not even started ...). I'll knock them up sometime soon. Have to make a few version upgrades too, to apply to Jazzman's new tabled theme. I'm looking at around 5 total, for each tabled and default theme.
  • congrats to everyone. I LOVED looking at all the themes. And many thanks to Andy K for this whole project/idea. I love this forum.
  • HAHA! Sweet. I'm a runner up! Didn't even think anyone would like my theme! I still think it sucks! Maybe I should try make a really good one. Thanks guys! That put me in a good mood :>
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