Vanilla 3.3 is now available

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Missed the 3.2 release? Check out the upgrade & release notes here.

Vanillicon Changes Incoming

Changes to your Vanillicon are here. You'll see a new avatar after this update. To find out more, checkout "Why Vanillicon Avatars Changed" on what is changing and why.

Rich Editor

  • Rich quotes of Discussions now display the user profile image.
  • All rich quotes now use the improved expand/collapse UI from reported posts.
  • Multiple images can now be uploaded at the same time.
  • Fix a bug where nested lists in Rich Editor would render improperly after being posted. vanilla#9332

Bug Fixes

  • Fix emoji suggestions not displaying. vanilla#9250
  • Update Vanillicon email hashes. vanilla#9244 
  • Fixed a bug causing javascript not to execute in older browsers. vanilla#9350
  • Fix notifications not being sent to participating users. vanilla#9406
  • Fix invalid/expired state token error when signing in. vanilla#9356
  • Update Twitter addon to use platform's share links.
  • Fix dashboard category name rendering.
  • Improve URL handling in API v2 /media/scrape endpoint.
  • The time formats for some locales have been changed to the 24-hour format in accordance to their locale standards.
  • Fix unicode character handling in "leaving" page links.
  • Fix photo ID encoding in Getty Images embeds.
  • Fix preemptively join conversations.

Developer Notes

  • Addons may now define PHP files in arbitrary namespaces in any subdirectory of the addon. Previously this was only possible with the Controllers, Models, and library directories. vanilla#9209
  • Logging of PHP warnings has been disabled again. After fixing a few common cases, this may be re-enabled in a future release.
  • Move the private community middleware to the /api/v2. vanilla#932
  • Fix header link in JsonView. vanilla#9269
  • Fix loop when dispatching exception page. vanilla#9359
  • Fix Attributes JSON encoding for special data types. vanilla#9326


Get it over in the addon directory.



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