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2020 OSS Roadmap plans

charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS)Montreal Vanilla Staff

I did one of these ~6 months ago and I'd like to followup on it and give out some additional roadmap context.

How'd we stick to our previous roadmap

Accomplished Goals

  • Shipped new Embed System. (Documentation)
  • Alt-text for images in Rich Editor.
  • Emptied the Security Backlog (Over 300 security fixes since launching our HackerOne program!)
  • Testing Pull Requests on CircleCI. (CircleCI)
  • Improved automated testing - Code Coverage reporting & Visual regression testing.
  • Refactored the text formatting pipeline (Gdn_Format is mostly deprecated. see FormatService, and DateTimeFormatter for new methods. )
  • Splitting the frontend into different independant packages. (See /packages directory).

Still In Progress

  • New Controllers & Routing. The new structure has matured significantly as we've worked on new projects, and documentation is forthcoming.
  • Rich Editor mobile improvements.


  • Builtin Docker Images - I was working on this personally and got burnt-out of it before I could get it polished enough for code review. Unfortunately I don't have much motivation for it. It looks like the community is starting to take it up though. I'm available for questions of anyone working on projects like this.

New Roadmap Objectives

Warning: These notes are not a guarantee of any particular version number or release date. It just represents some of our development goals.

Complete the 4.0 release

The 4.0 release is currently in progress. Main improvements will include:

  • New Base Theme & New theming system.
  • Hero Image plugin no longer a plugin. Instead it is built-in to core.
  • 100s of bug-fixes
  • Performance improvements.
  • New PHP version requirements.

Documentation Overhaul

As we move our developer documentation over to it's new home in our Success Knowledge Base, we are updating outdated articles, adding new ones, and moving some new technical documentation from our internal documentation to become public.

Items that are set to receive new documentation:

I'll link the documentation here as it becomes available.

As we write these we will primarily looking to provide "quickstart" guides with code examples. For for more technical understanding it's best to look at the key source code files, which will be linked at the bottom of documentation, where possible.



  • charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS) Montreal Vanilla Staff

    A followup note on the documentation project:

    Is there there some part of Vanilla that's lacking in documentation (that isn't mentioned in my list above)? I'm looking to see what else I need to write.

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