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Mark > Teh Jakes



  • Jonezy is the gatekeeper.
  • sure we are, I just don't know if mark really wants this place to take off and be a real forum, or stay pretty much on task with developing vanilla/filebrowser. he's made his feelings about being a forum administrator pretty clear since o8 I think.
  • Yea, well, I think we should take Vanilla somewhere and let it be the official Vanilla off topic forum. I do feel bad talking about whatever here, but I very much like it.. :]

    Any recommendations for a domain? I'll host it, if you guys come and spread the talk.
  • this place is supposed to be lussumo centric (i think) as there will be more products being developed (i think).
  • someone register
  • for real?

    I'm more than happy to register a domain and throw it up as long as people use it...
  • v4n1||
  • l33tv4n1||
  • omfg, good luck with the archival prints store.

    I tried starting one, and the photo community didn't go for it.

    Now sits there waiting for me to do something about it. I put a lot of work into it too, with deals set up with framing shops and print shops, and a good solid foundation.

    My downfall was saying I needed the negative, even temporarily.
  • I like THE JAKES™ a lot and like the stuff they've done. Their stuff all seems to go down the crapper when the community that builds up based on them gets popular though.

    when there was 50 people submitting to threadless it was okay, when it reached a couple thousand it just meant there were that many more designs to have to weed out. (ps: buy my shirts)

    same for YH, when it was small and controlled and had some safety fallbacks in terms of adding new members (whether it was admins or voting or whatever you) it had some control to it's growth. When the doors got thrown wide open the membership blew up like a mushroom cloud. When you have that on top of a LOT of new functionality it all ground to a halt and what does come through a lot of the time now is just static.
  • Precid : We only work with digital files, PSD's and AI files. And it's an a la carte basis, people can request what size print and what type of finish, and we print accordingly.
  • furthermore: HI PRECID!
  • i like teh jakes too... i just grew tired of YH
  • that good luck sounded sarcastic, but it was serious, I really do hope it works out for you,
  • hi nifkin!
  • I have problems with Threadless now and forever :[
  • we should probably come up with a few real suggestions for a domain if you guys really want to create a general use forum... i'm drawing a blank right now though :|
  • edited July 2005
    i installed a copy for myself over at, i dunno about it being "official" but people are welcome to stop by.
  • I registered the domain name once to make fun of some dumb kid who always walked around saying that to people all threatening like. It was amusing for awhile. I don't know what the crap to do with it now :[
  • talkshitgethit is funny haha
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