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Mark > Teh Jakes



  • hahahahahahahahahahaah could you imagine? that would be some funny shit.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    seriously, I haven't posted more than 5 replies there in the past year. Sigh, it WAS a nice place once...
  • Please make the new forum called o8!Hooray! ..

    or not..
  • yeah or not. :/
  • was a joke domain I registered. Then I installed Vanilla on it for's sitting there, just waiting for some idiots...I mean, fine, fine people to take it over. I'm sure someone will deface it soon. Incidentally, it's running on PHP5. Neat.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    edited July 2005 :D -Mark, nobody gets rich *completely* alone. It's all about the bottomfeeder effect and working your way up.
  • haha, one of jacob's posts made it seem like he was interested in using vanilla.
  • that would be horribly odd.
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    abandon ship, rats!
  • i just saw that thread where the dude was all like ohh vanilla is a ripoff of yh.
  • I was thinking about but it's taken by a hospital and shhh is taken by the hearing impaired :[
  • it totally is, it has posts arranged in descending order, uses css, and a textbox at the bottom
  • I think the rips on Threadless are a bit unfair. What's wrong with a little entrepreneurial money-making venture? If you don't think the payoff is worth it, don't submit your designs there. It's true there is a vast quantity of crap submissions these days, but in general I think they do a very good job of picking good ones to print. I rarely take time to score submissions anymore, even. But additions like photo submissions and blog entries for each shirt seem like good additions to make it more community based than it used to be (when it was score submissions... and maybe talk about them a teeny bit in the little tiny forum). In any case, I still love about 50% of the shirts they churn out, and that's the measure of success, is it not? If only my wallet (and wardrobe) could handle buying all of the ones I like...
  • I just feel they are taking advantage of artists. It's reasonably clear that they are artists themselves. When I do prints for artists I make sure they get a healthy cut back. It's hard to succeed in the world of art and everyone needs to help each other out.
  • I really want to register, so I could make but it's 50 bucks...ow! :)
  • wait, are you 1977 from yh ?
  • I want
  • dudes I'm totally register
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