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Mark > Teh Jakes



  • dudes I've totally been outwitted by the internet
  • Somebody get Davis on the phone and tell him to give up the dreamless domain
  • were you on dreamless, omfg?
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    Somebody get Davis on the phone and tell him to give up the dreamless domain

    haha good fucking luck with that.
  • omfg, omfg?
  • yea I was, I think my name back then was brycer. I've been around a long long time.
  • I just feel they are taking advantage of artists.

    From what I've heard (and seen myself) they take pretty good care of the artists. How much money do you want from someone else who's doing all the printing, selling and distribution for your design?
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    I've been around a long long time.

    * cues up "sympathy for the devil" *
  • you've been around how many times?
  • Yea but if you work out the numbers. It takes very little for them to earn back what they dish out. And then their policies allow them to re-sell indefinitely. It would be more balanced if they offered money PER shirt. Royalties if you will. I just think these kids are victims of math really. :x
  • lechlech Chicagoland
    nothing against the jakes, but I've just grown tired of the whole "community" there. It's like HS all over again on a global level. Except 90% of the student body is in special ed.
  • I was at dreamless when it was 2 forums, then 8 (or maybe that was reversed?), been at o8, a few revisions of Yay. Humhum, blah blah blah. I'm a forum groupie :[
  • I can't say for certain and I'm prolly not the best to be explaining it (my shirt was eaaarly on so it's changed since then) but every time they've reprinted it i've gotten a little more from them for compensation as well. And I have to say, that given the choice between "here's $x" or "we'll send you a check for $x/shirt that sells", i'd go with the flat fee every time.
  • I don't see anything listed on their site about a reprinting fee. That's an entirely different story.
  • Yeah, i'd like an off-topic vanilla install somewhere, and i'm more than willing to help out on the hosting/running/whatever side of things (might i point out how excelent i was at doing nothing as admin here!). Mark - when you say you'd setup vanilla.luss again, but you'd be members of both, would it be able to work where people subscribed to vanilla.lus and got access to luss/munity, but not vice versa?
  • omfgomfg New
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    I started Oh Hello, the official unofficial Vanilla board, come and chat. I'm going to work hard to make it nice.
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