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The Official "Shameless Plug" Thread



  • i know. its the crosshair thing. but it hasnt been darkened yet.
    My bro has more money making ways to spend his inconsiderate!!
    up and coming mac community/user run site with a strong backing for open source and all other sorts of stuff.
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    macpose is giving me an error.

    Either the site is down, or you've been LussumoedTM
  • - A directory of forums. Not yet completed, needs some restyling and submission forms. - Current home of Vanilla, which is just a glorifyed blog at this point. & future home of a free avatar hosting and sharing site.
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    plug plug - website exploring all the big things - imagined or not
  • Here's my plug: Australian theme parks. I've also setup Vanilla on it.
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    I just got done integrating Vanilla in to my MT-based blog aggregator focused on home improvement: The template is based loosely on the huge-entity forum (which I think was itself based on a soul-scape style)...thanks Obvious

    The satirical net label choice of a new generation.

    Sorry about the language. It's quite prolific throughout the site. I do believe though that swearing is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate motherfucker.

    Please don't take the site, or it's design, seriously. It's really something that was cobbled together from other sites.

    The old site was the first part of the satire. Really awful webdesign. Bad fonts, horrible colours, eye raping gifs etc.

    The new site is using Javascript to hinder people. Like all good Javascript sites.

    I'm quite proud of the site and I hope people do get the "joke".

    Joking aside, if you like electronic music then there's quite a few gems of stuff in the 80odd releases.

    Once again, not a serious site :D
  • I've just gone all myspace as well as my earlier links:
  • Relaunched it just then, using wordpress (which I really love but if Swell has tags, custom pages and an importer from Wordpress then I'm switching of course :p).
  • - my design firm - personal design blog - VERY much in progress blog aggregator
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    I am the primary developer for the Blursoft MetaForums project.
  • I have a few sites, (used to be my main development site but will become more for my wifes interestes) And my current OSS development site I currently develop modules for the PostNuke CMS, but would like to branch out in the near future :) Erik
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    I just got my ZenPhoto/Javascript Image Resizing Gallery up and running, and I think it's pretty damn sweet.
  • edited April 2006 yea, it's no cssbeauty, but I'm a man about minimalism. and the forum, soon to be part of a separate site project.
  • College Chat - A place for parents and students currently going through the college application process. Uses WordPress 2.0 for the main site and Vanilla for the forum.
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    You used Marker Felt in a logo? That's hilarious.
  • bergamot, that javascript resizing thing is slick. i've got a suggestion: could you make it "snap" to the nearest even size when you let go of the slider?
  • A little minesweeper game in js:
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