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The Official "Shameless Plug" Thread



  • someone here has which is freaking me out because I've had for 5 or 6 years. wierd. well. is my personal forum, and hidden in a subfolder is a forum for track / fixed gear bike riders in san francisco. currently working with another member developing a plugin to help us organize group rides and impromptu races. Currently mostly used for us to trade parts and waste time and little group rides. A little over 200 members, all word of mouth.
  • - Football Fans webpage (team: Odra Opole from Poland)
    and - My lovely vanilla forum :)
  • Vanilla Forum, some extensions, no styling
    My Secondlife Blog
    I plan on overhauling my entire site this weekend, maybe even theming Vanilla, but modern web design isn't my strong suit.
  • My site is constantly changing, mainly due to bad planning. But I'm happy enough with it in its current state to start showing it off! :P

    - Homepage, using Wordpress for the blog.
    - Vanilla forum, using the Scene style with a few tweaks. This is mainly just a place for me and my friends to post random crap.
  • Autolux Message Board - back when 0.9.2 came out, I manually migrated the thousands of existing discussions to the LUM_* tables.
  • New tune for download ->
  • gigingergiginger New
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    I shall investigate that tonight 3stripe! is my current work in progress. Had to use a design from because I can't design for crap but I'm working on it :)

    edit: I should add that it's just a few pages at the moment. Files will be added in the near future.
  • Personal Blog for my vegan exploits
    Work site for work and stuff

    I am also building a vegan forum using Vanilla. I love the style and freedom it gives. I am a pseudo programmer (Oracle PL/SQL),
    and will hopefully attempt to contribute to the Add-Ons.
  • my podcast hosting site ive not done very much on that yet its currently offline, waiting for private beta launch, but the public launch is August 1st.
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    Mostly blue chips and the like these days, none of the .com fun for me once the kids came along! But some things I had a hand in recently...
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    I'm new here but enjoying the forum a lot. I am a teacher who used to have a Web Design & computer consulting business. I teach computer apps to high school kids. Right now my major passion is 3D and 3D online worlds.

    My most interesting site is Donzas 3D. which showcases all the 3D worlds I made with a now defunct program called Adobe Atmosphere. My current active chat enabled 3D world is Seraglio West.

    The plugin for Seraglio West (a Blaxxun world) does not auto-install but the page you will see has links on the bottom right to the 2 files you need to get it to work so that you can enter the world. Read the info link to have it all explained. It's a bit of a nusance but worth it I promise :)

  • What have I started...
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  • My first site, however plenty of content yet to be added. and a Vanilla forum!
  • just launched:

    please feel free to stop by and share some tips!
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    My new site focused on the upcoming game Alan Wake. Using Wordpress as the backing:
  • forum i have running vanilla. my folio site my personal blog
  • Ok, here's mine., my WP powered blog with Vanilla powered forums just added.
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