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Vanilla security release

LincLinc Director of DevelopmentDetroit Vanilla Staff

Vanilla is available for download. It is strongly recommended for all sites running Vanilla 2.0 to upgrade immediately. It contains 3 security patches and ditches the troublesome "Remove" option on the plugins page.

If you are currently running, no other steps are required than copying the new files over your old ones.

Download Here

Feeling a little selective? These are the exact files that changed:

  • applications/dashboard/controllers/class.settingscontroller.php
  • applications/dashboard/views/settings/plugins.php
  • applications/vanilla/controllers/class.discussioncontroller.php
  • applications/vanilla/controllers/class.postcontroller.php
  • applications/vanilla/views/drafts/drafts.php
  • index.php (version number only)

Please note that 2.1 is currently in release candidate stage, so it is imminent for stable release. We will continue to support 2.0 with security patches thru the end of 2014.



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