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Vanillicon 2 is Coming

ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
edited October 2014 in Releases

If you're observant you'll notice that the vanillicons are on this community have changed. That's because we've been working for a while to release a new set of vanillicons. Here are a few highlights of the new set.

  • We've gone vector. Vectors are a huge trend on the web right now both with icon fonts and svgs. The vanillicons use svgs and will look great at any size.

  • We've turned up the happines. We decided to go with just happy faces for this set. No one wants to be the user that gets stuck with a bum frown so now every vanillicon is in a good mood.

  • We've made things brighter. Some of the colors in the v1 set ended up being a bit drab due to our randomization algorithm. For this set we hired a unicorn to help us come up with our color palettes.

  • Gender neutrality. We tried to make all of the vanillicons look more neutral so that people won't feel like they haven't got the right fit.

What you see is close to what we're going to launch, but this should be considered a pre-release. We might get a quick wave of inspiration before launch which could change things slightly.




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