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Private Messages 1.1



  • When the dialogue starts, Email notifications will be sent, even for my own sent mails. So I get an Email that I've received my own PM
  • "So I get an Email that I've received my own PM"

    this is happening to me too, but not every time. i have yet to work out why it happens...
  • @jehul Thank you, how to change this: All Users are shown with realnames, no usernames should be visible (needed for my forum) Back to just usernames instead of realnames?
  • @bshultz

    Could you or any one upload the zip file please?

    It's not longer available.
  • i think i worked out why i get an email when i send a PM.

    if you write a PM, then reply to it (for example, to add another comment that you forgot), before the recipient of the PM has a chance to reply, then you get an email each time you send OR receive a message.

    is this correct?
    maybe it will bring us a step closer to working out the bug...
  • Here's the zip I sent to Jazzman:

    I haven't fooled with it since March 1, but I did fix the issue of the Inbox/Sent Mail menu appearing on all pages.
  • ignore my message above about receiving an email when i send a PM. i'm getting them all the time now.
  • can anyone email me the most recent version? I just can't get it through sendspace for whatever odd reason

    benjelloun [AT} gmail

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    @nolefan: Replied via email.
  • cheers mate!
  • I haven't tested bshultz' version yet. Once I do, and I like what I see, I will replace my addon with his :)

    Could someone make an addon which makes a day count 48 hours in stead of 24? :P
  • the most important problems with this extension are; there is no limitations and there is no delete priv msgs feature.
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    You have several & which should ideally be "& a m p ;" (spaces added to prevent it being rendered as "&") in your default.php file: Line 699: $Panel->AddListItem($Title, $Context->GetDefinition('SentMail'), GetUrl($Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=SentMail')); Line 707: $Panel->AddListItem($AccountOptions, $Context->GetDefinition('SendPrivateMessage'), GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=SendMessage&SendTo='.urlencode($AccountUser->Name)), '', '', 1); Line 709: $Panel->AddString('<h1><a href="'.GetUrl($Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=SendMessage').'">'.$Context->GetDefinition('SendPrivateMessage').'</a></h1>');
  • Hey everybody,

    I managed to get the Inbox counter working after some SERIOUS trial and error, as you'll see if you decide to download this. I haven't integrated any of the other changes people (bschultz) have made, so I suppose this will be a test to see if
    a) my code works for anyone else and,
    b) assuming (a), whether bschultz or anyone else is interested in taking the bits I wrote and adding them to the other mods to this extension.

    So, here it is! It's gzipped, but any decent archive program (WinRAR) should be able to open it. If you're interested in how I did it, email me (or look at the code). You'll need to change the value of $PrivateMessageCategoryID in the first line of the function GetNewMessagesCount to whatever it is on your system.

    Also, there are some small edits to make the message count text bold if the logged-in user has a message. Hope it works for someone else! My users were happy.
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    as of this morning, the plugin started giving me this:

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred Technical information (for support personel): Error Message An error occurred while retrieving discussions. Affected Elements PrivateMessages.GetDiscussionList(); The error occurred on or near: Can't find file: './circuit_candrlistings/LUM_Comment.frm' (errno: 13) For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:

    no changes to anything overnight. looks like a database error. i disabled and re-enabled the janine extension and the error went away, but i'm not sure if the two were related.
  • it doesn't work. there's only a zero even if theres a new message in the inbox...
  • I wonder if I may digress... Would somebody please tell me the procedure for 'capturing and pasting' the images in this discussion? It would help me with posting information to discussions. Thank you.
  • @jehul Your mod works fine except this: All Users are shown with realnames (needed for my forum) I'm sorry to bug you but how to change it so it doesn't show users realnames, just user name? Thanks.
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    @sjeeps. i haven't got the zip file with my modifications any more. i can provide you with some help if you upload it once again... i would just search after lines with "LastName" and comment them out (or delete). like: $s->AddSelect("FirstName", 'a', 'AuthRealname', 'CONCAT', "' ',a.LastName"); and then checking differences in the message_view.php etc files like changing my: $Row['AuthRealname'] back to: $Comment->AuthUsername regards, J
  • Hello - The various updates on this programme are no longer available. Additionally, I've found a bug whereby anyone with an apostrophe in their handle can't use this. Please advise.
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