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Shadowdare · π · Moderator

I'll be away on vacation next week and will be back by the end of the month.


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  • Re: Official Basic Pages Feedback Thread

    This is just a quick update to encourage the upgrade to Vanilla 2.5: Basic Pages v2.1.7 works with Vanilla 2.5 apart from the custom view permission toggle and that the settings pages have to be updated for the new dashboard style. You can still add and edit new or existing pages. :)

  • Re: No links in title

    @x00, the team has been working on an addon to manage a lot of the spam registrations here. Hope to see it deployed within the next week.

  • Articles 1.2.0 Released

    Articles 1.2.0 has been released and fully supports Vanilla 2.3.1.

    Major changes in v1.2.0 since v1.1.1:
    - Category-based permission model.
    - AttributionUserID column gone; now using InsertUserID.
    - Bug fixes and style improvements. See full commit history via the GitHub repository.

    Caveat of v1.2.0:
    - Old global Articles permissions will not get transferred over to each category; any customized permissions in previous versions of Articles will have to be reconfigured per category in v1.2.0.

    How to install:
    *This add-on is an application, not a plugin.

    1. Extract this download to your Vanilla installation's /applications folder. It should have a folder named articles inside of it now.
    2. Enable the Articles application via the "Applications" page in your Vanilla's dashboard.

    How to upgrade:
    *If you're upgrading to Articles 1.2.0 from an older version and have modified the role permissions related to Articles, you must reconfigure your permissions since global permissions have been replaced with category-based permissions.

    1. Extract this download to your Vanilla installation's /applications folder. Overwrite old application files.
    2. Go to the "Applications" page in your Vanilla's dashboard and then disable and re-enable the Articles application for updates to apply.
  • Re: How long I Waiting for plugin Articles 1.1.1 for Vanilla 2.3, 2.4 etc

    Articles 1.1.1 can be installed on Vanilla 2.3.1. I just tested this personally and it works. Make sure you put the articles folder from the download into the /applications folder in Vanilla.

    Vanilla 2.4/2.5 is still in development. I'll begin supporting Vanilla 2.4/2.5 once the next beta or gold release is out for it.

  • Re: Page or a small cms

    @caygri, to link a page on the top menu with Basic Pages, you can enable the "Show header site menu link?" option when editing a page. Alternatively, the Add Menu Item plugin will give you more flexibility with how links are arranged.