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Shadowdare · π · Moderator

I'll be away on vacation next week and will be back by the end of the month.


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  • Re: Official Basic Pages Feedback Thread

    Basic Pages Version 2.1.7 released.


    • Reduce UrlCode column length to support utf8mb4
    • Prevent breaking existing routes
    • Use val instead of depreciated arrayValue

    Special thanks to @Bleistivt for contributing these fixes. :)

    Previous changes:

    • Change BodyBox to simple TextBox in New/Edit Admin Page


    • License copyright info updated
  • Articles 1.1.1 Released

    Articles 1.1.1 has been released. See a list of resolved issues over at the GitHub repo. Here are the main changes:

    • License changed from GPLv3 to GNU GPL2
    • A lot of bug fixes, including patches for reported issues, namely a patch to prevent unauthorized commenting from guests, and fixed search functionality
    • Articles Categories module added with an option to change from a list to a drop-down
    • An index page that lists article categories added
    • Recent Articles module added
    • "About the Author" box added under articles
    • "You may be interested in..." (similar / random articles) box added under articles
    • Article thumbnails and images in body are now responsive
    • Cleaner looking Articles Compose dashboard
    • Other small things have been made cleaner looking, such as sprites that have been added next to navigation links
    • Some code has been optimized for performance

    Along with this new release, the "Articles - Social Reactions" plugin has been updated to 1.0.1, which includes an updated design (requires Articles 1.1.1) for displaying the social reactions.

    A big thanks goes out to everyone who had provided feedback on this application by reporting issues, bugs, and making suggestions.

    Note: Articles 1.1.0 was released earlier today, but 1.1.1 fixes an issue with the "similar articles" styling conflicting with another CSS class.

  • Articles v1.0.0

    I've just released Articles v1.0.0. This application provides a way to publish articles or blog posts in Vanilla.

    All planned features in the first release milestone have been implemented. A few more are planned to be added in a future release. If you find any issues, feel free to make a post on here or file an issue at:

    A big thanks goes out to @hgtonight for contributing feedback and code for the app. Thank you, @hgtonight!

    Another big thanks goes out to members of the community here who have contributed pledges for the development of this app via the "Articles / Blog App: Make It Happen!" post, namely (in alphabetical order), @angophora, @Bleistivt, @hgtonight, @jeongwee, @ohgot, @phreak, @R_J, @rbrahmson, and @vrijvlinder. Thanks, everyone!

  • Re: some text basic pages only visible for logged in users

    Here is an example plugin you can create to do that.

    Create the directory: /plugins/PageMods/ and then create the file: /plugins/PageMods/class.pagemods.plugin.php.

    Open the file and paste these lines of code into it:

    <?php if(!defined('APPLICATION')) exit();
    // Define the plugin:
    $PluginInfo['PageMods'] = array(
        'Name' => 'PageMods',
        'Description' => 'Custom code for the Basic Pages app.',
        'Version' => '',
        'Author' => 'Shadowdare'
    class PageModsPlugin extends Gdn_Plugin {
        public function PageController_AfterPageTitle_Handler($Sender) {
            $UserIsSignedIn = Gdn::Session()->IsValid();
            $PageID = $Sender->Data('Page')->PageID;
            // Only run this code on a specific page.
            if($PageID == 1) { // Change the number here to the page ID number you want the code to run on.
                if($UserIsSignedIn) { // The user is signed in.
                    echo "Click here to download this file.";
                } else { // The user is a guest.
                    echo "You must be a registered member to download this file.";

    Enable the plugin and then change the code to have your own content.

    If the page's ID number you want the text to show up on is 5, you should change $PageID == 1 to $PageID == 5.

    You can modify the echo statements to have your custom HTML code. The text will be outputted before the page body text of the page.

  • Re: Keeps logging me out.

    The cause of this problem probably has something to do with the cookie settings as @peregrine said. You can search these forums for more information about the cookie settings.

    You have said that you are using the version of Vanilla from the Vanilla GitHub repository, which is the development version of Vanilla from the master branch. The development version is not ready for production use.

    Using a development version of any software is the root cause of many problems. Many new features are not finished and bugs have not been found and fixed yet. If you want to use a development version, it would be helpful to know how to debug problems like those you have posted about.

    Instead, please use the stable version of Vanilla, where it has been tested in many production environments. The stable version of Vanilla is currently and has less problems.