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This discussion is related to the JQuery addon.
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  • Uploaded version 1.1.3 of JQuery.
  • I believe conflict with other library are due to the use of the $ that many library use.

    jQuery don't have to use it. You just need to add at the end the jQuery file//You now only can use jQuery with jQuery(); jQuery.noConflict();or//you now can use jQuery with jQuery() or $j() $j() = jQuery.noConflict();

    When you use jQuery plugins, you have to be sure that the use jQuery() and not $(). For the official plugins, I think that only Thickbox use $(). That's easy to fix.

    see jQuery page: Using jQuery with Other Libraries
  • i'm using the third option
    jQuery.noConflict(); // Put all your code in your document ready area jQuery(document).ready(function($){ // Do jQuery stuff using $ $("div").hide(); });

    stash it would be nice if ur extension version matches the official jquery versions
    so 1.1.3 should be with 1.1.3 jquery
  • I know it would be nice, but then how do I fix problems with my extension? ;)
  • Use dates as version numbers.!?

    {tangent} did you see this: Interface Elements for JQ and the latest JQuery-Ext alpha by Jack Slocum? Whoo! {/tangent}
  • Stash -
    I'm the one who reported the page reordering conflict with the Page Manager, but I don't believe JQuery is the problem - I think JQThickBox is causing the issue. I've tried it with JQuery version 1.1.2 enabled (with JQTB disabled), and I am able to reorder pages just fine. If I enable JQTB, then I cannot reorder pages.
  • Dinoboff, I'm sure you're right, it took me a while to figure out exactly what all the instructions on meant. I'll take a closer look at that and see about modding my variation of Thickbox to replace $().

    Tom, that's a thought. At this point though I'd be going back a version number, so I wonder, will this screw up the updates system with the add-ons site?
  • You should add $j() = jQuery.noConflict(); to jquery.js in the jQuery extension and replace the "$" by "jQuery" in Thickbox.js.
  • this extension gives java error on ie7 it says "error: 'jQuery' is undefined"
  • Dinoboff, using that I get$j is not defined jquery.js Line 2
    However, using this seems to do the trick:var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    Any particular reason I shouldn't use this?
  • lol, sorry I just forgot the 'var'.
  • So ur going to package jquery with conflict resolution
    u cannot just use addstring, cause all addscripts appear first then addstrings appear.
    no matter what the sequence u enable it.
  • Uploaded version 1.1.4 of JQuery.
  • Uploaded version 1.1.5 of JQuery.
  • How about updating to the latest jQuery
  • Uploaded version 1.1.6 of JQuery.
  • Thanks for the heads up skube :)
  • Uploaded version v12-1.1.4 of JQuery.
  • v12-1.1.4 Released 2007-08-27 + Updated the JS library to jQuery 1.1.4. + Changed the version numbering scheme to a simple RELEASENUMBER-JQUERY_VERSION_NUMBER. So for this release — v12-1.1.4 — the v12 refers to release 12 (count 'em) using version 1.1.4 of the jQuery JS library. Hopefully this will be an improvement and less confusing for people. If you have a view on this one way or another,please leave feedback in the addon discussion.
  • stash, please check the jqmedia thread for a bugfix.
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