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    i think you're assigning the '0' value to the variable in the if condition, but i don't know if it either evaluates to true or false


    assigning instead of comparing :P , that i suppose is what, in fact, you want to do
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    This is the kind of error we all do time to time.
    It was such an error that made one early Mars explorer vessel to crash miserably!
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    Although I've done this a different way now (since I'm currently updating the extension to take advantage of the awesome SetList) as I would like to learn from my mistake, what should I have done instead? I suck at this PHP lark, InDesign is sooo much easier :D

    P.S. Thanks for the replies guys ;)
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    if you want to compare then you just need a '='.
    '=' for assigning '==' for comparing, so:
    if ($JQdev == '0') {
    good attitude ;)
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    Uploaded version v15-1.2.6 of JQuery.
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    v15-1.2.6 Released 2008-06-18

    + Updated the JS library to jQuery 1.2.6.
    + Added Admin Interface - thanks to SetList!
    + Added "JQuery Plugins" (ThickBox, lightbox, Shadowbox, ScrollToAnchors and HideSpoiler) accessible through the admin interface

    I thought I'd just go ahead and release this since I've had zero response from any betas I've put out previously. Seems to work well with a whole bunch of other extensions but if you get a problem just shout, I'll check back a little more regularly now the boy's a little older.

    I've had to remove the /old/ directory that contained 1.1.4 as it was causing the ZIP file to be rejected by the server. I really wish Mark would ease up the size limitations on the addons directory as they really seem punitive at 198kb.

    Oh, and there are plugins now, check out the admin area. Thanks to the Hidden Text addon I've made a Jquery version for those of us who don't want too many JS libraries knocking about the place
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    Thanks Stash, I appreciate this add on and your hard work in continuing to release it.
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    Thanks for the comment adrian, it means a lot :) Especially since I've "been away" looking after my son for the past year.

    I would also like to emphasize that you only got an admin panel because of SetList, I can't express how much simpler this is than the old way of doing things (I never did figure that out). Everyone should download this extension and every extension dev who finds the old way too confusing (like me) should add this to their extensions!

    If anyone has some other simple JQuery plugins they'd like added to this extension just list them here and I'll see about adding them. I want to keep it relatively simple if possible though.
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    i'm having trouble with the jquery extension (1.2.1) when i gzip output using htaccess. any ideas on what i'm doing wrong?
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    What kind of trouble? I'd need lots more info to help I'm afraid. Please try v15-1.2.6, as well, as you never know it might just work ;)
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    well, if i use DEFLATE via htaccess, thickbox no longer works, nor another script which i'm currently testing (both rely on jquery, of course). i tried the newer version of the jquery extension, but even without the compressing via htaccess, that one broke the beta script (didn't try thickbox at that time).
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    I've been testing with the following code in my .htacces file on my test forum and everything seems to be still working (tested in fx2.0.0.16 and safari1.3.2):AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html text/plain text/xml text/css <FilesMatch "\\.(js|css|html|htm|php|xml)$"> SetOutputFilter DEFLATE </FilesMatch>
    I stuck that code at the end of the .htaccess file that I'm using from Friendly URLs. currently that test site is still actually running jQuery 1.2.1 as well...

    OT: in fx2.0.0.16 running under OSX 10.3 (dog) total size for that page dropped from 196kb to 90kb and average response time from 10.34s to 7.86s.
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    hmmn, that code (being slightly different from the code i was using) has the same effect. breaks thickbox and another jquery reliant script in firefox 3.0.1. scripts work fine in safari 3.1.2. i don't have a v2 firefox to test with. maybe this is a firefox problem, i'm not really sure. :(

    thanks for taking the time out though - any further help with this would be greatly appreciated :)
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    in addition, i am also using htaccess files in the jquery directory, the thickbox directory and the other script's directory with a
    RemoveOutputFilterByType DEFLATE .js etc.
    in there to stop the contents getting compressed. weird.
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    Why are you trying to turn it off in the TB directory?

    Have you tried using the TB version included with the latest JQuery extension (I must get around to doing proper release notes...)?

    P.S. Install Set List first.
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    when compressing all output, the jquery related scripts where failing. i set the jquery extension to use the uncompressed, non-minified script but i was still seeing failures. i then decided to not compress text files in the jquery directory, the thickbox directory, and the directory of my other extension in a bid to narrow down the cause of the problem. nothing seems to have worked so far.

    it's not a huge deal, but i think that gzip'd output on my install loads a lot snappier, and will no doubt save GBs in use - so i'd like to have the option of doing so.

    also, i'd not tried the newer version of TB when i updated to the latest jquery version (i've since returned to jquery 1.2.1 as i think i mentioned earlier).
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    If anyone else feels like trying the technique I used above to see if things work for them, that would be very handy. It would show up if my setup is unusual (in working) or chris's is unusual in not. Perhaps it's something in the setup of the server that is causing things to fail?

    Chris, can you download the .js and .css files directly from your server when you have the technique I used above only running on your setup? If so, can you save those files and run a comparison against the files included in the extension archive? That might throw something up. If you can't download the files then there would appear to be something wrong with the deflating on your server. Can you view my test site alright? I've currently got DEFLATE working on that.
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    I'm going to look into this as I will make a slideshow extension.
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    For gzip compression, you can use Low-Cal Vanilla's .htacces file:
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    I'm having terrible problems trying to get this plugin to work at all. I've installed inline images, jquery and JQthickbox (disabling thickbox from within the jQuery module, because the jQuery plugin seems to make reference to the JQthickbox plugin being available anyway).

    The problem is, the inline image thickbox simply does not trigger. If I disable the loading of scriptaculous.js from within the Vanilla core, then the thickbox starts working. With scriptaculous.js present though, it does not. No JavaScript errors, no missing files, everything in the source looks right.

    So - either these modules have never worked together, or something has changed very recently (I cannot find any posts concerning this error). What can I try? Should I upgrade scriptaculous? Upgrade prototype.js? Are some kind of framework compatibility options not set correctly?

    I'm really stuck, because there seem to be so many layers at work, and it is difficult peeling them away. Thickbox is in both the jQuery and Thickbox plugins, jQuery is in both the jQuery plugin and the Vanilla core. There seem to be some duplication of framework scripts going on here.

    -- Jason
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