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    Well it certainly used to work for me - I've been incredibly busy with Real Life recently, so I've not had a chance to try 1.1.5+, perhaps that's the issue? I'll see if I can look at that soon, but I can't guarantee anything. Perhaps a link to your site would help matters?
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    The site is still on a development server, so it is difficult to provide access. What I can do is take a copy of the page in question and put that up somewhere as a static page. I'll do that in the morning (it's late here now). I would not be surprised if it is the 1.1.5+ that it has problems with. I think I have narrowed it down to scriptaculous.js, but that itself pulls in another four or five scripts by rewriting the HTML head, so the problem could just be in one of those scripts.

    jQuery does have the compatibility flag set, so the clashes are a bit puzzling.

    -- Jason
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    I've not got time to upgrade to 1.1.5a at the moment, but can you tell me if jquery.js is called after scriptaculous,js?

    Also, in my extension (tested up to 1.1.4) I added the following code at the very end of jquery.js to make it work with other libraries, are they using this in 1.1.5a?var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
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    I added jQuery.noConflict(); to js/jquery.js.

    If you are it for your plugin, you can it like that:(function($j){ $j('div#foo')... })(jQuery);
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    I'm not seeing the plugin interface in the Admin panel. Where is it? Also if I want to add a jquery plugin, do I just drop it in the plugin folder? Do I need to do anything else?
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    I'm incredibly sorry for the massive delay on this response, life's been very "real" recently... <mumbles something about excuses, excuses/> Anyway! I've just installed Vanilla 1.1.6rc1 and the current version of the jQuery plugin (v15-1.2.6) seems to work just fine!

    Antonio, to answer your questions:
    1. Make sure you have Set List installed before you enable jQuery, otherwise the admin options won't show up
    2. Unfortunately the jQuery plugins I've included in this extension are manually added - just dropping them in would be wonderful, but that's way beyond my limited coding skills right now. Of course, should you want to add that functionality, I would gladly add it to the extension! =D
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    I cant get it to work! I enabled: attachments - set list - jqery - jqthickbox - inline images. I have the admin panel and I checked the box at the inline images options. But if I click on a picture i only get a libk to where that picture is! if i stop scriptaculous.js from being loaded it works just fine! help!
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    I'm working on a new version (with jQuery 1.3.2) as well as a minor update to InlineImages to better support the fancy effects on images, so if you can hang tight for a week or two I should have got myself organised to actually get it in a fit state to release.
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    it's the add-on "notifi" which collides. if i disable this on jquery works. any workarounds available?
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    Try disabling all extensions that use jQuery, make sure notofi is ENabled and the re-ENable all the jQuery extensions, starting with jQuery itself. IIRC (and it's been a while) you need to have jQuery loading AFTER Scriptalicious. Other than that I'll make sure I grab the latest notifi and test with it before I release the updated jQuery extension.
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    did this: if i look at the source code now, jquery-1.2.6.min.js now loads after scriptaculous. does not work!
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    It will help me if you answer the following...
    1. Does anything that relies on scriptaculous work?
    2. Does anything that relies on jQuery work?
    3. Which version of Vanilla are you running?
    4. Please list all your enabled extensions and their versions.
    5. Please past me the contents of your extensions.php from the conf folder (as that will show me exact load orders) - just wrap the pastage in <code></code> tags to make it display well.
    For that last point you may find the Pimped my Vanilla addon (terrible name :P) useful!
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    1. Everything which relies on scriptaculous works 2. Nothing which relies on jQuery works 3. Vanilla 1.1.8 4. Extensions: AjaxQuote 1.0 Attachments 2.1 AutoLinks 1.3 Comment Removal 2.1.2 Discussion Filters 2.0 Dojo Files 0.941 Hot Discussions 0.4 Html Formatter 2.4 Inline Images 1.3 JQuery v15-1.2.6 Legends 1.0 MassMailer 1.0 MembersList 1.2 ModTools 0.06.10b Notifi 2.0.3 Poll 1.3 Preview Post 2.5.2 Quick Whisper 1.0 Set List 1.1.0 UserFields 0.2.3 User Filters 1.0.2 Whisperfi 1.0.2 Yellow Fade 0.1 5.extensions.php include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Attachments/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."DojoFiles/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."HtmlFormatter/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."AutoLinks/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."PreviewPost/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."UserFields/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."MassMailer/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."AjaxQuote/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."QuickWhisper/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Whisperfi/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."DiscussionFilters/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Legends/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."YellowFade/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."SetList/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."CommentRemoval/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."HotDiscussions/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."MembersList/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."ModTools/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Poll/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."UserFilters/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."Notifi/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."JQuery/default.php"); include($Configuration['EXTENSIONS_PATH']."InlineImages/default.php"); If I disable Notifi, jQuery works! Thanks a lot for your help!
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    any ideas?
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    I'll *try* to look into this tonight if nothing else comes along to distract me (life is busy!).
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    Great Extension [-stash-]. Found that you are upgrading it to 1.3.2 version of JQuery. That would be great. I am using Shadowbox to play videos from youtube but shadowbox opens whole youtube. Please upgrade this shadow box also to the newest version which plays just the video without opening the whole site. Hats off to your hard work.
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    I've have written a 1.3.2 version, how can I upload it ?
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    Been "away" for a while, but a new version is now up! Big new changes are that we're now on jQuery 1.4.1 and I've added CKEditor 3.1! It seems to work for me, but if you get any problems, please shout - also, please check the caveats surrounding CKEditor below...

    v17-1.4.1 Released 2010-02-18

    + Updated the JS library to jQuery 1.4.1.
    + Added "JQuery Plugin" CKEditor 3.1, accessible through the admin interface

    1. You must have HTML Formatter installed and enabled to use CKEditor properly
    2. You must select "HTML" as your comment format when posting/editing
    3. You must change the HTML_CONVERT_NEWLINES option in HTML Formatter to 0 otherwise you will get strange spacing issues.
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    v18-1.4.1 Released 2010-02-19

    + Hid the comment box resizer thanks SubJunk
    + Added ColorBox 1.3.6.
    - Removed ThickBox 3.1 - it's very old and is no longer maintained
    ! Couple of CKEditor CSS tweaks (Vanilla overrides a lot by default with annoying CSS * selectors)
    ! General code tidy up, can still be better, but...

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    v19-1.4.2 Released 2010-02-24

    + Updated the JS library to jQuery 1.4.2.
    + Added some more config to CKEditor to force it to display nicer raw HTML
    + Added "Previous Release" option in the admin settings so people can roll back even minor version updates.
    ! Reworded some of the admin options to try and make it clearer.
    ! Bit more general code tidy up.

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