Vanilla 1 is no longer supported or maintained. If you need a copy, you can get it here.
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    Hi Stash! can you please make an archive with the ckeditor and upload it here please, or send me a link on my email, pretty please, ived tried to make it work with vanilla 1.1.0 but with no luck...
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    The v19-1.4.2 package contains CKEditor 3.1. You should just make sure you have Set List 1.1.0 installed and enabled, then install and enable the JQuery plugin and you should see some options in the admin menu. If you are un sure as to how to do this, please follow these instructions.
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    Tip (that would have saved me a few minutes of grief had I known it): to get this plugin listed *before* any that need it, de-select (from the "extensions" menu in the "settings" menu) those plugins that need it, select JQuery, and then re-select those plugins.
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    It does say this, and has done for some time, in the extension description, which you must have focused your eyes to within a few centimeters of in order to enable the extension.

    JQuery v19-1.4.2 Extension Description.
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    I did see this, but didn't realise exactly how to do it! What I didn't realise was that the order in which one selects extensions in that menu corresponds exactly to the order in which they are invoked. I read the "before" as in "vanilla must include this before other JQ Extensions" but didn't see that ensuring that it was selected before the others in the menu was the right way to do it.

    (In my defence, I don't think that this was true in earlier versions of vanilla (though I'm probably misremembering). Then, disabling an extension merely commented out the line including it from extensions.php and so enabling it again didn't change the order.)
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    Would it be clearer if I changed the wording to "Must be enabled (checked) BEFORE any extensions requiring the jQuery library"?

    If it used to work like that in Vanilla it must have been before v1...
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    -Stash- love your extension, and the 4 extras you include with it. I only have one suggestion/question about CKEditor. You wrote,
    You must select "HTML" as your comment format when posting/editing.
    Alas, the default seems to be "Text". Is there a way to change the default, or at least make the format sticky after logging out & logging back in? Thanks!
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    You can do it with the Default Formatter plugin

    Enable DefaultFormatter

    Go to Roles and Permissions

    Edit a Role

    Use these settings to force HTML and not allow other formatting

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    Stash, I wouldn't rate it very highly. One of the reasons for these forums, I guess, is as a place to extend the documentation. Hopefully, if anyone else makes the same mistake as me then they'll see the comment here and realise what to do.
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    Of course they might, but I would rather provide good enough documentation to begin with - so if you have a better suggestion, please do give it. Just "not rating it very highly" isn't exactly a positive improvement to the documentation....
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    That's odd, I thought I replied to your comment but it doesn't seem to have appeared. My apologies.

    And my apologies as well for the impression I appear to have given. The "not rating it very highly" didn't refer to your documentation but to my misunderstanding. I think that your documentation is fine as it is and think that with any documentation you have to strike a balance between giving clear information versus trying to think of absolutely everything that someone might or might not do incorrectly.

    You could put in the word "(checked)" as you suggested, but I certainly wouldn't want any more unless there's more evidence that more people than just me are misunderstanding.
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    i keep getting the below error

    Some problems were encountered
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