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  • u have to add page manager support. cause visiting the files hosting tab makes all page manager tabs disappear.
    yeah I know u got that BAdPanel thingy from it. it doesn't work in page manager either. I will mention it to SirNot and get it fixed.

    the main functions work as expected. all images are there. I can add images as well. hide them also.
    btw u prolly want to check if Attachments is enabled. if not then spit out an error message.
  • Vanilla already comes with prototype
  • Uploaded version 0.43 of Dojo Files.
  • Ok thanks. this is helpful Schizo. The error message for if you dont have Attachment, do you mean when you try to enable or if you go to the Files page? If someone does try to use this without Attachment, they havent read the description or install notes, so its gonna do more than one error message :p

    How do I go about giving it Page Manager support? A tips here would be appreciated :)
  • Hi Mr Do!

    Guessing URLs is a wide spread sport for hackers! ;-) I don't like security by obscurity!

    But all the way, I did some hacking of your code, to support both of our points of view! And because of your nice code, it worked out very well. Only some very small changes were necessarey! :-)

    Here is my code, still based on 0.4201:

    Just renamed for download!

    What I did was that:
    * Set true for direct downloads and false for using the attachment extensions
    * way of indirect download.
    $DirectDownload = true;
    A configuration var for choosing your point of view, or mine! true is yours, false is mine! ;-)

    This is for building the hot-link-url,! it's just enought, because you are using it all around:
    if (!$DirectDownload) {
    $hot = str_replace($Configuration['APPLICATION_PATH'],$Configuration['BASE_URL'],$row['Path']);
    } else {
    $hot = $Configuration['BASE_URL'].'?PostBackAction=Download&AttachmentID='.$row['AttachmentID'];
    And this for viewing:
    if (!$DirectDownload) {
    $path = str_replace($local_root_path,"",$row['Path']);
    } else {
    $path = $Configuration['BASE_URL'].'extensions/InlineImages/image.php?AttachmentID='.$_GET['id'];
    All I had to do after this, was to pull some globals into the right context, and all worked out fine!

    Only thing is: It only works with InlineImages! :-( Perhabs there is a way without it?

    Bye Tiggr
  • And even better: Removing the hotlink-column was just to line-comments:


  • Tiggr: thanks for feedback. I decided to do it this in another way, but I think you will find my new version will suit your needs as well.

    Teaser: for the next version I will do the following things, and its comming out hopefully tonight :)
    • remove badpanel
    • use PostbackAction instead of Page as $_Get
    • integrate link to discussion the file was attached to
    • default.php settings where admin can order and shut of which colums to use
    • removed prototype.js as its vanilla default. you can delete this form the extension folder
    • and some code clean up
  • Uploaded version 0.5 of Dojo Files.
  • Strange, I can see the configuration for which column to show up, but it is never used again??????

    Waiting for the next version?

    But the disussion-Feature is great! Thank you very much!

    (Will this have some paging? Sorting?)

    And I'm a little bit afraid of allways nagging you with my wishes, but I do nothing for you!
  • Paging and sorting is definitely gonna come in a soon future version. The column configurations are used in the 0.5 version. or they should be if i didnt screw up which file to upload. have you tried reordering them and seen them not work?
  • Yes, I've tried...

    They don't do anything, and there are no conditional statements in the uploaded code... perhaps a wrong version!
  • im sorry about that. give me a few min and i will upload a new version
  • Uploaded version 0.51 of Dojo Files.
  • No problem!

    Thank you!
  • Strange, nothing changed...
  • its just the config columns giving you trouble? they are on more lines than one. on 26,182,183,204 to be exact.

    what PHP version are you using?
  • Now I'm getting it! I have to remove them? Not to set them to false??

    What I did was that:
    $Config_Columns = array( 'title' => true,
    'look at' => true,
    'direct link' => false,
    'hotlink url' => false,
    'comment' => true,
    'uploaded by' => true,
    'date' => true,
    But have to do something like that:
    $Config_Columns = array( 'title' => true,
    'look at' => true,
    // 'direct link' => false,
    // 'hotlink url' => false,
    'comment' => true,
    'uploaded by' => true,
    'date' => true,
    That's right?????
  • hahah. its partly.. mostly.. my fault.. I thought you said reordering didnt work, but the removing works atm by commenting out the line. I forgot to either use the boolean or tell you i didnt. Sooowwwwwyy..

    edit: 0.511 takes care of this
  • Uploaded version 0.511 of Dojo Files.
  • Great! Thank you!
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