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Dojo Files



  • Nps. its great to have an active test user when making this. I have created paging and am working on sorting now. Will be up in a while
  • Uploaded version 0.7 of Dojo Files.
  • Uploaded version 0.71 of Dojo Files.
  • Im sorry for all the spamming of versions. But I think its good to let the comunity take part in the creation phase to make it best possible. (And i am noob and need help :) And schizo, my next order of business is to implement the changes with extensions.php. Btw, how is the so called paged manager issue coming along? was there something else to blame? noone else have said they have the same problem.
  • Hi!

    Great work! Works very well!

    Perhabs you may consider my changes for not web accessible file storage too? I have to copy and past it with each new version! ;-)

    One comment:
    $order_by_arr = array(   'title' => 'LUM_Attachment.Title',
    'look at' => 'LUM_Attachment.MimeType',
    'direct link' => 'LUM_Attachment.Name',
    'hotlink url' => 'LUM_Attachment.Path',
    'comment' => 'LUM_Discussion.Name',
    'uploaded by' => 'LUM_User.Name',
    'date' => '<<LUM_Attachment.DateCreated',
    'size' => 'LUM_Attachment.Size',
    Here you should try to get the table prefix from the config! Or the table names at all!

    Tomorrow I go to my easter holidays, without internet, bye!
  • happy holidays! I do not see why you cant use my current version for your not webaccessible storage. Isnt the point that you hide the colums with direct link and hotlink urls? Your second point I also dont get. What do you mean? LUM_Attachment is the table names created by the attachment add on, and LUM_User is created by vanilla. these should work out of the box.. Since he wont be back, and I want to get this done while I got time off from work. Does anyone else see the problem?
  • little question in between: I set the size coloum to TRUE, i tappears, but empty... there's no entry
  • look like the page manager issue is just with me
    yeah move it to extensions.php page
  • rysk: Thats because its not implemented yet. Will be on next update. Consider it a teaser :) schizo: Im sorry, but i dont know what to do about it. its probably a bad combination of page manager, mine and a third add on. I am reading through the documentations now in order to recreate my extension as ... uhmm.. standard complying? as possible. Lets see if the problem persists at that time before we worry to much about it.
  • mmh... but the size variable ist created allready?! ;)

    I'll keep back in editing more
  • its a quick implementation. If you want it fast, I can probably make it in an hour or so :)
  • nono... it isn't so imp.

    Now, I'm looking for, why *.jpeg Files are not recognized as Images...
  • ahhh, I found it...

    you cut the filename 3 chars... naturally, *.jpeg files have no chance ;)
  • good point. i didnt consider that cause all my "jpeg" files are "jpg" .. I will have to make due for this as well as files with ' in them. It should all make it in to the add on by 1.0. thanks for taking the time to test and comment :)
  • Replace:
    $type = substr($row['filename'],-3);
    $type = substr (strrchr ($row['filename'], "."), 1);

    and my files were recognized
  • I cant really find a good way to deal with files with ' in their names. The problem is that i just display data from the tables created by vanilla and the attachment add on. Its really the attachment add on that needs to deal with this issue. However, call me crazy, but i feel people had best leave such chars out of file names.. Uploading in a few minutes a new version that has these changes: • Settings has been moved to their own file : "settings.php". This is so that when ppl updating to a new version of this add on, they need not remake these. I will notefy if this file changes. • As per rysk's suggestion, it now understands 4 letter file extensions and upper cases. • File size column is implemented. I choose to display as Kb, but its saved in byte, so that info could be shown if ppl would rather have accurate size. • Reverse sort. Click column header a 2nd time to reverse the sort of that column.
  • Uploaded version 0.75 of Dojo Files.
  • many thanks...

    evtl: little improvement idea: not static to use kB, but to look, whether the files is greater then 1 MB (1GB)...

    maybe this would be helpfull... (i don't know, what kind of people upps 1GB Files^^)

    to the '-files: maybe you contact Jazzman, if he is here again, for changing this in the Attachment Add-On
  • good suggestion. I will check if its less than 1kb, between 1kb and 1mb and more than 1mb. I doubt anyone will host 1gig on a forum, so lets not go there :P
  • yes, and maybe you could set the Upload-Button in Panel as a setting... so the user can decide, whether he want to see it
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