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    if I counted right, Line 104:

    $where .= "AND (LUM_Attachment.Name LIKE '%.jpg' OR LUM_Attachment.Name LIKE '%.gif' OR LUM_Attachment.Name LIKE '%.png')";

    the jpeg-files are discriminated again, so that they don't appear in the image section
  • ok. fixed it. what program do you use that creates jpeg and not jpg anyways?
  • ^^ a self coded one...

    It won't say you anything, but here ist a link: LKKP

    Its a tool for a game, not any reasonable

    EDIT: what the difference bet. *jpg and *jpeg? If I reman a jpg into a jpeg, it looks the same way ?!?

    EDIT EDIT: maybe a possibility for own file-types (next to IMAGES,FLASH... usw)... only for further further versions
  • yea u can safely rename them to jpg

    my biggest wurry atm is that im setting width and height on the content with regard for its actual dimension. this works sorta ok in flash and images, since it just rescales them, but for .mov it has a bad result if the movie is bigger than the dimensions set in settings.php... anyone got any suggestions here?
  • I don't like movies... so I can't help you... Which "player" do you use, to show the movie? Maybe the player object etc. helps you

    Furthermore, I only want to add, that files smaler than 1kB are displayed with a size of "kb" (I haven't forget a number, that was the extension)...
  • .mov as in quicktime movie. so the quicktime player is embeded. I have updated again so now files smaller than 1KByte are displayed in bytes and files larger than 1 MByte are displayed as MB and 1kb to 1mb are displayed as kb

    du u want me to upload this small change or wait for next bigger update?
  • I can wait... so long, I can live with it... lets look forward to the biiiig update :P
  • this and more coming soon. got a lot of work done. so next version in a little while will have better size, changed show/hide columns, delete function and as MySchizoBuddy wanted, it nowtakes advantage of the extension.php
  • Uploaded version 0.8 of Dojo Files.
  • next little Comment, the colomn headers are not dictionary sensitiv... you create the dict. but dont use it...
  • hmm? how so? I see it in norwegian on my forum, even though the settings.php has english words.
  • sorry, I answered prematurely...

    Seems, like you observe the dict.
  • btw, I just noticed two small bugs. small update in a min
  • Uploaded version 0.81 of Dojo Files.
  • öhm, the tab get lost...
  • This version here should work pretty well and does really do all I set out to do. There are two aspects that remain before I will make it a 1.0 version, and that is javascripted title change and a proper settings page inside vanilla instead of a php file.
  • if u loose the tab because of changeing language, that is probably because you use Page Manager and forgot to "translate" there. in other words your tab url on PM needs to be extension.php?PostBackAction=[whatever you translate the FileTab to]

    or if ur not using PM, its cause i moved a few lines. a fix up in a sec
  • Uploaded version 0.82 of Dojo Files.
  • The translation shouldnt be the prob... I think, the tab adding IF-condition should be out of the whole IF-condition...
  • yea, you are correct sir. thats 0.82
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