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Low-Cal Vanilla

This discussion is related to the Low-Cal Vanilla addon.


  • Does the latest version work?

    I get this error:
    [Sat Dec 22 22:19:56 2007] [error] PHP Fatal error: Class 'LowCalVanilla_CompressPage' not found in /home/londonfg/public_html/extensions/LowCalVanilla/tools/utilities.php on line 52

    Fresh install. Packer not present.

    I looked in utilities.php, and it's not there.
    It should be calling library\Control.CompressPage.php somehow to get that class, but I can't see it doing that. It includes the CleanUp class but that doesn't appear to include the CompressPage class.
  • Uploaded version 0.4.3 of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • Hello, first of thanks for making this add-on.

    Problem is, I actually find my vanilla forum install runs slower when this add-on is activated which, of course, is pretty odd!

    I'm reinstalling my forum and trying it before adding any additional add-ons to see if it has been myself or an add-on that has caused it.

    Is there a recommended order for installing/activating add-ons and using Low-cal (as in, should one be enabled before the other)?

    I've eliminated my hosting/server, as other sites, installs and forums seem to work fine presently.

    I'll keep trying things out at my end and keep you posted but would appreciate any info/advice etc.

    Also, yes, notify seemed to give up the ghost when I activated Low-cal but, yes also, I've had problems with notify anyway...
  • Sorry if this has been mentioned before but isn't this JS Minifier better than the YUICompressor? Mootools has YUI as a step below this one in its compression options.
  • No, since it will be cached compressed and then uncompressed on every load. Minify and gzip compression is more efficient.
  • I'm sorry, I don't think I quite understand. What exactly is meant by 'Minify' if it's what I believe it is then the one I linked to should work just like the YUICompressor, only better.
  • All remove comments and unnecessary characters like spaces (js-min leaves more feed lines).

    Packer and YUICompressor change variable names to make them shorter.

    Packer encode the code to compress it. It will be cached by the browser encoded and will be decoded with JavaScript on each load. So the few seconds you can save on download will then been lost by the decoding of the packed js files.

    It is more efficient to use Gzip to compress your files. Browsers will cache the decompressed version of your files.

    An other difference is that Packer and JS-min only use regular expressions to do their job and can misinterpret the code. YUICompressor use Rhino, Java implementation of JavaScript.
  • OK, I think I understand now. Thanks ^_^
  • Hey all, I've actually found a significant improvement from re-installing my forum and clearing out the clutter of tried and abandoned extensions. I'm not yet using Low-cal but will see how things progress.

    Notify is working for me fine now too.
  • Removing unused extensions shouldn't increase performance anywhere other than the Extensions page in the Settings tab. If the extensions are active then removing unused ones will increase performance but other than that you can just deactivate your unused extensions...
  • I've noticed that Low-cal conflicts with the Notify extension as detailed on the Notify discussion. I don't know which extension is at fault, but wanted to make sure it was communicated :) I would imagine it is Notify at fault, since it conflicts with both this extension and Comment Links and is therefore the common denominator.

    I love all three extensions though so please forgive the messenger! :)
  • Notify also conflicts with CollapsiblePanel.
  • So is there any solution for notify - Low-Cal Vanilla conflict? Low-cal vanilla made my forum extremely fast but notify is also one of the most important extensions for me. Experts, please help...
  • Uploaded version 0.4.3a of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • @celepomer: Notify is fixed. Notify need the the forum url for its JS code, and could not find it because the global.js file is not loaded when LowCal is on.

    That's how you should try to get the relative path to the forum:
    var pathFinder, root; pathFinder = new PathFinder(); root = pathFinder.getRootPath('script', 'src', 'extensions/MyExtension/myScript.js') || pathFinder.getRootPath('script', 'src', /extensions\/LowCalVanilla\/packer\.php.*$/) || '';
  • Uploaded version 0.5.0 of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • Make it compatible with Vanilla 1.1.5 and rely on your web server to compress the page.

    Updating to 0.5.0

    Low-Cal doesn't compress css and js files anymore!!!

    Remove all Low-Cal related apache directive added previously
    to /Path/To/Vanilla-1.1.5a/.htaccess and replace them with the one from

    If you server cannot compress your content Low-cal can still compress Vanilla pages;
    you just need to set $Configuration['LOWCALVANILLA_GZIP_ALLOWED'] to '1'
    in /Path/To/Vanilla-1.1.5a/conf/settings.php.
  • Dino, I just noticed at the bottom of ReadMe.txt there is the code that doesn't work again. You might want to change if ($Configuration['LOWCALVANILLA_TOOLS_PATH']) { to if (!empty($Configuration['LOWCALVANILLA_TOOLS_PATH'])) { in that file.
  • Uploaded version 0.5.0a of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • On mediatemple's Grid and their Apache 2.0.54, I add to apply the following patches:
    • Remove the any IfModule test in the .htaccess;
    • Remove the packer output content type (comment out line 120 of LowCalVanilla/library/Class.MergedFile.php); it must be a bug in Apache 2.0.x but if php set the content type ( with header() ), mod_deflate won't compress the out (using AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE). I tried to use other directive to force the type or force the compression but without success. As far as I know current browser do no use the js file content type.
    Anyway, the result is a score of 94 with the YSlow plug-in:
  • Go on, add your CDN to get a perfect score ;)
  • Amazon will soon launch a CDN based on S3. I will add a CDN feature then ;-)

    Does anybody knows of good S3 client written in php?
  • Hi!

    How is this new version supposed to work?

    I've copied the lowcal/.htaccess content to my root .htaccess.
    I'm using Firebug+YSlow to determine what's gzipped and what's not, and after several tries, with different hosts, different installations, no gziped files are served...
    I've changed both $Configuration['LOWCALVANILLA_GZIP_ALLOWED'] and $Configuration['LOWCALVANILLA_PACKER_ENABLE'] to all possible combinations of 0 and 1, with no results.

    TIA :)

    From error_log
    [31-Oct-2008 14:25:00] PHP Warning: include_once(/home/public_html/myurl/extensions/LowCalVanilla/library/Class.FileToServe.php) [<a href='function.include-once'>function.include-once</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/public_html/myurl/extensions/LowCalVanilla/packer.php on line 21 [31-Oct-2008 14:25:00] PHP Warning: include_once() [<a href='function.include'>function.include</a>]: Failed opening '/home/public_html/myurl/extensions/LowCalVanilla/library/Class.FileToServe.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/public_html/myurl/extensions/LowCalVanilla/packer.php on line 21
  • Uploaded version 0.5.1 of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • The include statement have been removed.

    Low-Cal 0.5.x doesn't use php to compress the files but Apache's mod-deflate. The directives used in the .htaccess in 0.5.0x to enable mod_defalte compress don't always work because they used the module identifier to check if the required Apache modules were installed. It now uses the module-file name and it should work better.

    However, I noticed a problem with mod_deflate on MediaTemple; it doesn't compress the php output if it has something else than a text/html mime. So I will add an option to let the packer compress its own output in case your web server has the same bug.
  • Uploaded version 0.5.2 of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • Uploaded version 0.5.2 of Low-Cal Vanilla.
  • It fixed a bug that prevented enabling LOWCALVANILLA_GZIP_ALLOWED.

    It also allow php top compress the packed js files. Disabled by default (you should let Apache do it), you can enable it with $Configuration['LOWCALVANILLA_PACKER_COMPRESSION_ENABLE'] = '1';
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