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[v0.2] phpBB Migrator

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For the benefit of users searching for the migrator, I'm going to steal outbreaks first post which requested that someone wrote a migrator, and instead use it to give people a link to the migrator download.


Now, although I've made it nice and easy to find at the start of the discussion, if you plan on using it i'd still appreciate you reading the next few pages of discussion before using it for the safety of your data, my sanity, and the general good nature of the community.


  • i'm not overly familiar with the phpbb database structure but on the basis that they're both mysql i dont see why it should be that hard. I assume its just a matter of moving the data from one database into the right place in the vanilla database.

    No doubt you're more than welcome to write a translator!
  • i wish i could, because i would. i can hack some stuff, but i cant write scripts from scratch. :(
  • I think it's not difficult to do translators from principal forums...
  • Depending on the way Vanilla is set up I think it is potentially possible. phpBB, vBulletin and other forum software have extras that could be stripped out pretty easy. Whilst retaining relevant information, posts, users and forums.
  • outbreak - if you could get me the database structure for a phpBB forum and the database structure marks using for vanilla i'll have a go at making one for you if noone else wants to do it?
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    oh man, that would be sweet! you should definitely submit it as a download for the lussumo site once this goes live too.

    how do i give you the db structure for phpbb? i dont know much about mysql.
  • I'll install it on my server when vanilla gets released so i can compare the databases (unless ofcourse mark is willing to release the database structure/a sample database so i can work on it for release?)

    Then you just need to bug me for a while till i actually do it ;)

    Mark - is vanilla running on MySQL or Postgre?
  • heh, ok awesome.
  • So i just installed phpbb...29 tables?! I sure hope vanilla doesnt have that many!

    Most seem to be for the extra shit they pile on though so i assume its only the users/posts that need to be transferred over.

    Main problem i think we'll have is translating between the Categories system and the different boards type idea phpBB uses - but i'm sure we Can work it out

    (my pC doesnt seem to like me using lower Case C's so i'll get baCk to you tomorrow and get on watChing this film
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I'll certainly pass along the database structure for Vanilla.

    I was thinking that "forums" on phpBB would translate to categories on vanilla, and everything else *should* be pretty straightforward. I didn't want to take on this task, so if you're up to it, Mini, I'd be happy to give you whatever you need.

    For the record, Vanilla has 18 tables. Of those, you'd only really need to concern yourself with 4 of them when doing a transformation from one forum to another: Users, Categories, Discussions & Comments.
  • Cool. Well if you could perhaps build up a sample database (containing only the things that are really necessary if it's easier for you) and mail me it i'll try my best!

    Or if its easier i can just make you a database login on my server and you can set it up on there?
  • So mark just mailed me the database...he wasnt joking when he said the whisper system was a very integral part of the board. Curious where he got the idea and why he made it so central? Cool anyway.

    It'l take me a while to dig through stuff and compare the board setups...i refuse to let myself start now (its 4am here :() but i'll try and work up some enthusiasm to get stuck in when i wake up.

    Wish me luck!
  • good luck!!!

    i think putting together a phpbb to vanilla conversion tool will help to increase the popularity tenfold.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited May 2005
    he wasnt joking when he said the whisper system was a very integral part of the board. Curious where he got the idea and why he made it so central?

    Well, while it does have columns in the discussion table, and it is central to the way the code queries the database, it could actually be removed pretty easily.

    Like, I could just leave all of the columns and tables in place, but change the front-end queries so they don't use those columns at all - in essence removing the feature. It would certainly speed up the discussion list.

    But I think whispers are cool.

    I got the idea one day last year when a friend of mine and I were throwing ideas around for how to make forums cooler. My buddy said, "Wouldn't it be cool if you could whisper to someone like you can on IRC or you could back in the days of MUDDs and MUSEs on Telnet?"

    I was totally taken with the idea, and it was pretty much what drove me into heavy development on Vanilla.
  • Fair enough. Cool stuff. I'll try and get to work soon but i've just been rudely awoken by my mum suggesting i do some revision. And i dont like being rudely awoken. Or even awoken atall. Unless there are blowjobs involved.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    hahaha - what does your mum want you to revise?
  • Physics. If you could teach me about particles, radiation, and quantum phenomena while i work on this it'd be cool?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
  • haha. Maybe i'll stick to doing it myself...but i've got till the 10th anyway.

    Should get to work on the converter tonight, i've been out all day fixing peoples shit and had to bring a laptop home which needs data saving and formatting blah blah and then returning tomorrow morning. But hopefully while its working away i'll get some code done.
  • Mark - do you have some sort of IRC? Could do with a quick chat about a few things.
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