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[v0.2] phpBB Migrator



  • cmacias - yeah. we're just gonna stick random passwords in for everyone and have it so they either have to request a new password (would also help clear out old users) or one is sent to them automatically.

    3stripe - i've got a fresh phpBB install which i've been working from so far but i need a populated one so i can get more of an idea of whats what on the more detailed stuff. Also i deleted my users table by accident :) SO if you could let me have a peek at your database or a copy that'd be awesome.
  • Someone give me some motivation. I got about 2 hours solid sleep last night (with about 3 more on and off), my body's aching from exercise (i swear its bad for you), and i have work in 23 minutes.

  • i'll give ya motivation...

    COME ONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cmaciascmacias New
    edited June 2005
    Go Go Go Go Go
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff

    3stripe - if you do pass along an active copy of your database, do your users a favour and wipe out their passwords, real names, and email addresses before you do. Just a thought.

  • edited June 2005
    Haha mark. Well phpBB uses un reversible encryption and doesnt even have capacity to store real names.

    I dont really care about email addresses but i suppose its only fair.

    Any chance of getting it 3stripe? I'm off to bed now so if you can possibly mail it to me then i can get working on it in the morning. Cheers
  • GWAN G

    And because of this phpBB -> Vanilla conversion a la lack of sleep, he was a grumpy bastard all day yesterday >:/
  • outbreak - i've loaded up the bulk of your db so i'll get working again in and around exams. Keep your eye out i might need some extra help.
  • Right. The new database just confirms the fear i had with phpBB - it treats groups like shit.
    It appears to have a different group for all users even though they have the same capabilities and i cant find how or where it differentiates between users/admins/moderators or whatever. Do you know if this is done using 'groups' or 'ranks' or something i've missed, and how?

    Alternatively, annoying as it might be for some users, would it be such an issue if the migration tool just setup the user who was doing the migration (or a selected user) as admin and left the rest as normal users who could then be promoted if necessary?
  • i like your alternate suggestion. it would be much easier to promote the normal users than to go through each one and figure out who's who.

    i think in the db i sent you, there are 2 admins, and 1 mod. the rest are all normal users. this is done by phpBBs ranking system. i dont think phpBB has groups like vbulletin.
  • well it has a groups table and a users -> groups table.

    It also has the ranks table which has Site admin and whiney bitch which are linked to 2 users each. I cant see anywhere where it explains what these ranks have the ability to do though.

    But if you're sure all the sites run on the ranking system then i can easily enough build it in so it keeps people at the same level. Otherwise i'll do the alternative.
  • im looking at the admin panel now, and it appears that there are no set phpbb default rankings. the admin sets the levels to whatever they want. i think it would be easier to just administer the alternative.
  • right. I'll do it like that then.

    What you recon? a dropdown of ex phpbb users? or a textbox? or something..?
  • i think either a dropdown or textbox would be sufficient. a dropdown would probably be the best for convenience purposes.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff

    mini - I gave you admin access to Vanilla so you can take a look at how roles work.

    Yes, I know there are some css bugs that need fixing on the admin side of things.

  • mark - cheers. Any chance i could borrow the autocomplete code or you could implement it for me for the user selection?
  • douchebag huh?
  • Could i also borrow the code execution timer to see how long this things taking to do a bigger database?
  • hows this coming along minisweeper? were you able to make it work?
  • edited June 2005
    Well i'm just waiting on mark to see if he'll stick the auto complete function in for me for the admin user selection.

    I've got a script timer and FYI it's taking around 0.1 seconds per 100 users to migrate, does this seem like a reasonable time? Bear in mind ofcourse that thats on a dedicated 2.4ghz box.

    Then i'll get started on the real fun of forum migration - shouldnt be too much harder i dont think but i'll need to work out the most efficient way of changing between phpBB and vanilla user id's (i reassigned them) and no doubt i'll find some interesting problems the phpBB team have created for me.

    I've got an exam tomorrow afternoon so i'll be 'revising' in the morning but if mark can mail me or something i'll try and get the user migration finished after my exam.
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